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Trying to Make the Best of Things

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Half the week is over already and I have really been on a roller coaster here at home. With any luck, my husband will get his work situation sorted out, and quit bringing his attitude and problems home. Today, I went back to the doctor's about the problem with my ankle collapsing and they started blood testing because they are thinking not only is the problem orthopedic--with the ankle--but also some kind of joing connective tissue disease that is affecting my joints--in particular my both my ankles and wrists which are swollen up as well.
I have an orthopedic appointment for next week and the appointment with the rheumatologist isn't until July but they are waiting on the test results and will start me on some kind of treatment for what they think it may be. They are checking for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. My mom has lupus.
I don't think my stepson will make it for Easter as he got his scheduling mixed up and thought it was later in the month and had a long weekend. If he comes now, he can only stay a day for Saturday, and then has to go back. So he may try for a longer weekend in May.
I have been enjoying watching my puppy Bullet play with plastic Easter eggs. We are trying to get a couple of cute pictures of him. I mailed off a couple of cards, but haven't been too motivated to finish up some letters to get some other correspondence out. I'll try again tomorrow.
Hope that everyone is having a good week and not struggling with anything too difficult.
Take care


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Sounds like you really need to focus on taking care of yourself.. even if your DH is having rough times.

My DH can be explosive too. I hate it. The only way I manage to get through it is by focusing on myself and my very young children. He's on his own a lot.

Take care Sweetie - my thoughts and prayers are with you. Smile