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The Suitcase Game

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Well, I don't know if anyone feels like they are playing the new suitcase money game, Deal or No Deal, but that is kind of what I feel like I have been doing lately. Kind of always trying to pick the lesser of two evils, at least it seems that way. I am calling the dr's office tomorrow for an appointment for when they are in town (2 days a week) and will go from there. I have absolutely no idea what is going on but I am already pretty tired of this strange feeling and then my ankle collapsing and hitting my head. My right elbow is messed up again from a fall from last September right before we left as I fell on it again lately and the olecranon (elbow part) you lean on is full of blood again and now pointy. I suspect I will have to go back to wearing the brace that keeps sliding up and down my arm for another 3 months. I am like a stuntwoman here. Seriously.
The weather has been fairly warm and in the 80's. Bullet the puppy, amazingly hasn't done any complaining despite how bad his foot and leg look. I am really kind of annoyed about the lack of treatment from the orthopedic vet in the city. I think that a lot of this could have been avoided if he had bothered to look at Bullet's dressing and removed the splint originally as he should have done, instead of being too lazy and putting it off. I guess maybe I should have really pushed the issue because I know that my husband wouldn't. Murphy, our 5 year old rescue is doing great, lots of fun but has been doing a tremendous amount of digging in the backyard and has found something that he has eaten and thrown up for the last 2 days. I do know if it's carnivorous or a plant bulb but it's disgusting and I don't want my carpets ruined either. I can't figure out what the remnants are. I've got about almost all of the brush section cleared out now and will just have to add some new plantings and stones for a walkway and mulch chips. I can't believe that the month of April is already going into the 2nd week! We haven't heard back from my stepson about coming for Easter, but I don't expect he will be able to make it. I think that he is over obligated at least with his girlfriend and I don't understand how he is making his bills in the AF. The only problem is usually when I think that something is wrong, I am usually right. It's never a good thing. And from reading stepdaughter's blog, it is looking like she is trying to figure out how she will get money from my husband for college. We just don't have it after all the money that was spent for legal fees for the last ten years. And with the latest issues with change of custody dragging out any money we had saved is now gone. These days she is now hanging with kids that are shoplifters who are being prosecuted. It just shows you how much people change. So, I've probably opened up about 6 suitcases tonight, and I still don't know if I want to continue playing, or take a lousy offer from a banker for example, $1000. What would you do?