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Mother's Day Uggggh

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I,for one, would like to take a vacation from the Hallmark holidays that are about to be upon us. Sure, I'd love to be with my mom and daughter for Mother's Day...but I spend time with them regularly. It sickens me how my husband will go out of his way to wish his daughter (who now has a one year old that we have seen like 3 times this year and not many last year...) a Happy Mother's Day. She will in turn ignore not only his May birthday but also Father's Day. Why on Earth would he feel the need to wish that little wretch a Happy Mother's Day? Seriously would rather forget the whole lot and keep doing what we do daily...

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Worthless POS ss30 produced a child with babymama this past year. Will be interesting to see what psalms of adoration he expects on Father's Day. And yes he has never done one thing for DH.

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Yup. BM doesn't want SS14 on mother's day. So DH gets to spend 6 hours in the car on Sunday bringing SS back home.

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Mother's day can get out of control in that parents are buying their daughters gifts because they are a mom!

That isn't really what it is about in my opinion. It is for kids to recognize THEIR mom not the other way around LOL.

If you have a good mom and she is still alive - recognize her and let her know she is important to you.

Some people love to use every holiday to create a mini Christmas - crazy.

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My mother had 8 sisters who loved to get together. Mother's Day was practically a national holiday in my family. A HUGE family reunion has taken place for over 70 years!

Mother's Day for me is all about family - not necessarily about being a mother. Really a different perspective. Later in life I wondered about how all the "younger mothers" felt about having their day usurped.

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And that is why she continues to ignore him, he is giving her so much power. If he stopped grovelling and maybe communicated that he is hurt and disappointed in how she treats him instead, it might set them both straight!

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I have point blank told him that I didn't marry a doormat...he just can't seem to help himself when it comes to the oldest...his youngest he doesn't see or talk to and seems to be fine with that. To me, the oldest is the problem child and she was treated like to golden child. I have told him this and he doesn't see it. She is a manipulative liar who thinks she is better than everyone else. And sadly, they treated her way different than younger sis. And who is a problem...the one they labeled a problem. It is sick and sad.

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My mother passed away a couple years ago. There's nothing I'd want more than to spend the holiday with her and my children, like I always did. DH's parents are local and it irks the hell out of me that he doesn't spend it with her - to any degree. Plus, Sunday is generally the day he texts back and forth with his snowflake.

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I cherish my mom and am sorry that yours isn't with you. It just tweaks me that he is so compelled to wish the little ingrate Happy anything as she doesn't bother with him unless there is a gift preferably money. I love the term snowflake, but it doesn't describe my step-ungratefuls...snowflakes are peaceful and leave no mark...mine are more like an icestorm combined with a blizzard. LOL