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Tired of hearing about perfect SD

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I have had it with hearing about how wonderful SD21 is and how horrid SD18 is. I don't understand it. SD21 is a manipulative human who is sexually promiscuous and a liar. SD18 has similar issues, but at least has the decency to not try to manipulate to get money and gifts. She has cut all ties in her snit whereas big sister pretends to play nice so she can get things all the while she is talking crap about us and only coming around when it benefits her. She hates me, wants her daddy to get back with her married mother, and is a total complete mess all the while pretending to be the perfect one.

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This is exactly what my SD56 does with her kids (my SGK's). SGD31 can do not wrong and SGS38 can't do anything right. Why do people do this? I feel bad for you, because it is your SD's and you probably hear it much more than I do about my SGKid's.

Like you, my SD has always disliked the fact that DH and I are married (36 years). SD has never made any bones about her dislike for me I have NEVER had one bad word with my SD; not saying that won't change in the future; she's pushed me way past my patience. I am tired of being called all these names, so why not wear them. The only reason I am keeping my tongue; she would love the drama.

My SD56 has never been wrong; she is always right, knows everything, and is smarter than anyone else ever thought about. She gossips and is very passive aggressive and manipulative with several people, not just me. I keep asking myself, how these women get away with this crap. My SGD31 does the same thing. SD and SGD are daughter/mother; it is in the 4th generation (BM, SD, SGD, SGGD7) of this behavior and they continue to get worse every day.

I have began to call DH out on it, when it concerns me; because I am so sick of hearing how great my SD is and how everything she does is perfect and she has never been manipulative.

I have totally disengaged from my SD56 and SGD31 (7 years now). I know of many things they have pulled and kept from my DH, in regards to other family members. I have told DH a couple of incidents; but he always acts as if SD is still the perfect person.

All I can advise; just don't let your SD's get money or gifts from you. Let your DH handle it all. I do not buy even a card for my three grown Skids or Sgrandkids; it's DH's problem. I did all the "nice" chores for 30+ years and I should have never tried to engage with my skids; I should have let my DH do it from the very beginning, because I ended up being the bad person anyway, and SD still shines.

Your SD's are young, but then so was my SD when we married. Believe me these SD's, like mine, are spoiled and it probably won't change. If you want to stay with your DH, you are going to have to give them enough rope to hang themselves and stay disengaged.