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Halloween costumes during a heat wave. Makes sense

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It's currently quite hot where I am today. One of the SS's took a halloween costume out of our tickle trunk a few weeks ago and just left it lying around the house. I finally put it back yesterday. Today he asks me where it is, I told him, he goes and gets it, puts it on and goes in the backyard with it. This particular SS leaves his effin socks in the grass, shirts on the deck, sweaters on my bike and the trampoline... never ending. I told DH that if he doesn't put the costume back where he got it when he is done with it, I am going to throw it in the fire pit at the lake tmrw. Very tired of this. 


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I would make DH pick up after his own son if DH isn't going to parent the kid and tell the kid to pick up after himself.

No way should you ever pick up after someone else'a child.

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I had a three warning rule or if something was left in a known shared space where stuff was not allowed to accumulate there I had a 24hr grace period. If things were not then picked up, they must not care about them and they went away. I did not warn DH. Trash, recycling or donation. I never had to take something really valuable as gee, they DID know how to take care of things they actually cared about....

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I had to google tickle trunk as I'd never heard the term before. Apparently it has multiple definitions, and the one on Urban Dictionary gave me a good laugh.

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Confiscate everything he leaves laying around.  Eventually he will run out of clothes.


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I'm just trying to imagine a life where I don't have to move articles of clothing before I cut the grass.