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No respect.

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Noooone. DH just asked oldest SS (his oldest BS) to go to bed. I dont believe the couch is a bed, the living room is not a bedroom, and listening to him sawing logs isnt how I like to enjoy watching a Sunday night movie. So he gets up, walks into the kitchen, then sits right back on the couch and starts dozing off again. Flabbergasted. 


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OMG I feel you. I dealt with this for almost 2 years and I wanted to freak out on everyone. Both SD's would not go upstairs to their rooms....for 2 years they slept on the couches in the living room...and slept in until after noon...I get up at 6. I literally hated when they were at the house......I'm so glad that one SD stopped sleeping over altogether and when that happned the other SD started sleeping upstairs.

It was b/c they couldn't sleep with BMs they still sleep in her bed at 16 and 12. WTF??

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We have (meaning I have) a "No Couch Camping" rule in our house. SD20 used to try this, and its up to DH to corral them up and out. He was really good about enforcing the rules with her, when she was living with us.

Now, from what I hear, Feral Forger is a permanent couch resident.

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Oh the passing out on the couch when there’s a perfectly good bedroom and bed! Such a charming habit! Hey maybe it’ll serve them well in later life when they’re couch surfing and/or booty calling on the regular in order to find a place to sleep!

SD did this a lot at her dad’s house. It was annoying when he was paying a LOT of rent for an extra bedroom for the princesses and it never got used! 

Later after he’d moved in with me, SD suddenly decided this EXACT SAME COUCH, now that it was in my living room instead of Dad’s, was now sooooo uncomfortable and “hurt her back.” (Yes all the SKs have inherited the dreaded “bad back” from their sainted Mother.)