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Best XmAS idea i have had for my kids!

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I have 3 sons (5,3,19months) and SD3 well my boys always want to play with SD dress up stuff and all the accessories but people always say NO b/c its girls stuff (I for one dont really care they are kids) So after Halloween i went to the stores and got costumes for like 85% off and bought a vintage wooden and metal now i will have boy dress up and girl dress up in a really cool trunk. I bought 2 knight costumes with armor, a spiderman, a army jacket with helmet and radio, fireman, pirate, vampire, etc and for the SD i gotsome tutu's and princess dresses etc and went to a thrift store and found cool shoes and bags and ties etc. I am redoing the trunk and am so excited to put it all together!

So to break it down i spent liike $20 on costumes (like 13 of them)
and the biggest expense was the trunk (25$)
Also im proud of myself bc i asked my MIL to help me redo the trunk so we can bond or something especially since her PRECIOUS GRANDDAUGHTER is included in this gift....

haha i wouldnt be suprised one bit if xmas morning there were extra girl costumes and jewelry etc but whateva less things i have to buy



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MY mom bought us a great big box full of thrift store stuff like old prom and wedding dresses, old hats and wigs and funky shoes and clothes of all kinds they were the most played with gift of all time and Mom didn't spent that much money! All 7 of us are grown and moved out and some of us have kids of our own, and this box is still being played with regurlarily, It is a great gift Idea!! Also Flashlights!! every kid loves flashlights!!

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Smile That was an awesome idea!!! I wish ss was still in to dressing up, I would have stole your idea.

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That is a great idea...I wonder if Walmart still has costumes out?! hmm....

"I child proofed my whole house, but they STILL get in!"

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e found stuff this alte after halloween has been grocery stores and like CVS and walgreens.... i am so excited they are gonna trip

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OOOHHHHH my SS6 LOVES to dress up... we have bought him every superhero costume there is I think. Power Rangers, Batman, GI Joe, Ironman.. you name it, he has it! The girls dress up like princesses, and he goes and shoots them with his lazers. It is funny.


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