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OT - Wednesday Weirdness

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Who works with someone who is an arrogant, know-it-all arsehole? ~waves hand vigorously~

NO ONE likes this guy. He's terse, argumentative, believes he is always right (hey, it's Caran's brother, Carl! lol)... a big ol' square peg in a round hole. I overheard The Boss telling the Right Hand, "I wish I could fire him for being a jerk." If only... (I have bionic hearing and heard the boss say that through a closed door.)

Anyhoo, several of us were discussing the fact that we have all lived the meme:
Have you ever been too nice and ended up in a situation that could have been avoided if you would have been an arsehole?

Our replies? Yes, Oh Yeah, Definitely, Yep, Unfortunately, and Too Many TImes (that was mine). Carl's reply? "NO. NEVER."

Then Carl looks at me and say, "Aniki, YOU need to teach your children to NOT BE NICE so that won't happen to THEM."
*I* need to do what??

I laughed and said, "No worries, Carl. I don't have any children."

To my surprise, ol' Carl inhaled sharply and said, "Then you must teach your nieces and nephews. It's your responsibility!"

Admittedly, I gave an unladylike snort and said, "THAT responsibility belongs to my siblings."
Mr. Determined comes back with, "It takes a village to raise a child!"
"Maybe so, Carl, but they all live in villages far, far away."

Poor Carl hurrumphed and stomped back to his cave, er, cube. Everyone else laughed.
Evil Aniki prays that Carl will find a new, better paying job in another village.... *diablo*


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Dammit, PA, I just snorked Stoneship Stout up my nose!!!

THANKFULLY, BioHo's equipment has been partially removed. Although she and Carl could adopt...

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26 year old millennial that thinks she knows everything. She has only been in the business for a 6 months and is the biggest PITA. Tried to explain to her that San Jose has rent control and you can't give someone in an apartment notice without having "Just Cause" to have them move out. I told her that the owner would have to pay the tenant to move, since there was no just cause. The cost for removing a tenant from a two bedroom apartment was $10,000+, I even sent the idiot the rules from the Housing Authority.

Boss's daughter tells me that I read the rules wrong and the $10,000 was if we remodeled the apartment, that was the cost to house the tenant while the apartment was being remodeled. NO DUMBASS, just because that is what you think the rule say doesn't make it true. Needless to say the owner had to pay the tenants $10,000.

Thank God, everything was in emails, my boss was royally pissed at me, that I didn't catch this and stop the notice to terminate the lease. I sent my boss every email between the idiot and I. He tells me that he will talk to his daughter, not two weeks later she wants to give another tenant a notice in the same apartment building. I forwarded that email to my boss and told him that he really needs to talk to her again, before the owner has to pay another $10,000. Needless to say, she is now only filing paperwork and has no say on giving tenants any notices. Flaming idiot.

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sounds oddly familiar doesn't it?  So he's going to ignore her gaffe and pretend it didn't happen. ..

Heard today from my boss directed at young attractive female intern:  "Mrs. Headlights is out this morning (she's seldom in as the boss does her work for her) but she says I can give YOU a HARD TIME instead."


The intern muttered "great" and rolled her eyes.  Mrs. Headlights is 59 yrs old and the boss is 61.

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Wow..what a bimbo that boss's daughter ,.

And the boss should give YOU a freaking bonus for saving his A$$ from his dumb as a box of rocks bimbo daughter.

somethingwicked's picture takes a village alright..and Carl is the Village Idiot.

Aniki, how can you possibly stand working with all these annoying people?

Time to make a batch of ExLax brownies for these chronically nerve  grating know it alls  that you have to deal with to enjoy .

If they are hung up in the toilet all day it will be a much nicer work environment.


I like the new Wednesday Title BTW.


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Wicked, I can't make those brownies! 

It's been a little quieter this week. Mr. Speakerphone is on vacation!