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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Sorry so late. TGIF!

Eff off to:

  • Wearing sandals today when I really needed track shoes with spikes.
  • People who say "this will be really quick". We finish up almost 2 hours later....
  • Arsehole snake oil-type neighbors who take advantage of the elderly. That effer needs a Hulk-Sized Double Flying Five Fist Monkey Nut Punch AND Paul Bunyan's boot right up his arse.



May your weekend feel long and your troubles be none.


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EFF off to my sister!!!!  Too much to get into but she is being super mean to my mother and I'm ready to drive 1,500 miles to get her.



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Want me to ride shotgun? I'm primed to open up a big ol' can of whoop ass on anyone messing with their elders.

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EFF OFF to Apple! Replacing the battery on my 3 y/o MacPro costs more than twice the price as one for computers running Windows O/S. I love my Mac but damn, the parts and service costs are ridiculous!

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Yeah,Apple is  built for the  owner's  lifetime of indentured servitude trying to maintain parts.


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Eff off to work lasting another hour.... Today is taking FOREVER

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Where did the WEEKEND go??

I missed EffOffing on Friday..well here it is Monday.

Eff Off to the  days slipping by,too much to do and seemingly no time ..and this RAIN ! RAIN is incessant..

EffOff to lakes poisoned with blue green algae that is a deadly toxin to dogs and can make humans sick .I did not know that was possible  until I read the article.Scary that 3 pups  who loved the water died from liver failure within hours after swimming in a tainted lake in NC. The lake was not posted off limits due to the toxic bloom as per usual . Dog lovers be aware. 




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Eff off Monday!!!

How awful! Unfortunately, posted signs won't prevent ALL people from allowing their furbabies into tainted water. Sad

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You are so right about that..

so sad.