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My baby girl got engaged!

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My brother's eldest (Niece 25yo) got engaged this evening.  Her fiance is a great guy. 27yo.  They are both successful in their careers, she works for a pre-IPO logistics company and he works for an oil company.  Both have finished college.

I am very excited for them.

The pics they shared of the proposal and post proposal smiles, the ring, etc, etc, etc... look like they are out of a Bridal magazine.

Beautiful and happy young people are what is right with the world.

Her Uncle got a lump in his throat and a flare up of leaky eyes when I got the message.



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Thank you for sharing such wonderful news!  

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Congrats to them!

And a virtual tissue to you, proud Uncle!

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Thanks folks.

She was born the day before her dad and I graduated together from Engineering school with our BSs.  We all lived together during the pregnancy in a condo her dad and I bought together while we were in school.   After graduation her dad and I took jobs with the same company so she, her dad and her mom all moved into a corporate apartment together.  Company policy was no families on that phase of the assignement.  They were putting two newly hired engineers in two bedroom corporate apartments for one year as the company transitioned manufacturing from CA to TX.  I called HR, explained the situation and they approved he and I being room mates and my SIL and niece to live with us.

I was the only one who could get her to stop crying as a newborn until she was 6mos old.  She would look at me like I was insane as I blew raspberries at her for hours.   As soon as I would stop... she would start crying.   She and I would have a blast when her dad and mom would try to get some sleep or have date night. I should have bought stock in ChapStick.  Blowing raspberries for hours a day makes for some notable chapped lips.

She is a special young woman and owns a notable piece of my heart.  Though I have not blown her a raspberry in nearly two and half decades.

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Rags - like you I have no bio children. But I am so thankful for my friends and relatives who have shared their children with me.  

I am closer to your parents’ age. I chose a professional career path (IT) when I graduated from college at 20 (over 50 years ago). Then I went on to earn an MBA at the top biz school. This was in the late 70s and especially my friends with daughters wanted me to be a role model to them.  

I was never a parental figure - and believe me no one has more respect than I do for the SAHP who often sacrifices so much for their children.  I just really appreciated their willingness to allow me to form bonds with their children. I think it was a win win for everyone.

So happy for you and your family.