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How did you get engaged?

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I need your input on this one..

How did you get engaged?

When you got the ring, did he tell his kids about it?

How long did it take before you got married after the engagement?

...or did he just give you the freaking ring to keep you quiet for the next x amount of time...

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Mine is weird:)

Dh had a friend of mine do a painting of the location we had talked about getting married at if we ever decided to do it.In the middle of the painting he stuck a silver push pin in and put my ring on the edge of the pushpin so my ring was in the painting.I found it propped in my workspace and cried my eyes out!
We were married the following year after that.We told SD about it together.She was happy at first.The trouble didn't come til closer to the wedding,but that's a story for another day!

I still have the painting with the push pin sticking into it.

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We'd talked about getting married for several years, but DH was always on edge about it because of how the kids would feel. After 4 trips to court & the last one being initiated by SS15 (at the time) to fight against DH having visitation, we left the courthouse in tears & began our 2 hour drive back home. DH finally said he felt like we just needed to accept things as they were & that he wanted us to move forward together. He finally said he was ready to get married.

I picked out my ring through a woman I work with. Her husband is a jeweler & he got my rings for us at cost, so we got great deals.

DH had one more court date after that. BM's lawyer kept referring to me as "the live-in girlfriend" & the Guardian Ad Litem interrupted & asked DH, "This woman Mr. Lawyer keeps referring to as the live-in girlfriend...aren't the two of you planning a wedding?" DH confirmed it. That was how BM found out we were getting married. I'd have paid money to have been in the courtroom to see her reation. DH said it was priceless. She cried.

Of course, the kids heard it from her as soon as she got to them in the waiting area.

Our wedding was just under a year from the time he decided he was ready to get married.

Hardly romantic, but after 8 years of waiting, I didn't need it to be. Smile

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H took me out to one of our favorite restaurants to propose. It was very special...until we left. To BM and skids waiting for a table. BM started screaming at us that we were STARVING her children! In reality, SD was an extremely picky eater due to BM taking the skids out to eat all the time rather than cooking at home. At the time, we didn't make special meals around her preferences, we just served everyone the same meal and since SD ate so little normally, we didn't think too much about it. I guess SD must have went home tattling to BM.

We were going to go to an all inclusive resort in the Bahamas to get married. Then 9/11 happened. My H is so terrified to get on planes to begin with so we just went to the courthouse to get married instead.

BM found out we were married when I sent the new insurance cards for the skids. I thought she'd be grateful as there was no medical insurance clause in the CO at the time. Yeah, right - more like EXPECTED it from me! Anyway, SD kind of laughed when she imitated her mom reading my new last name on the cards!

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My DF was out looking for rings when I found out I was pregnant. He was super excited about going to look with me and the baby, and then I told him we're having a baby, quite being stupid. We need the money.
He's started looking again. He showed me a few rings, and now I don't know if I want to get married to someone who has that kind of taste in jewelry. They're huge and expensive and OMG ugly.
No, really ugly. i wish i could put up pictures.
I sound really mean about this, but I'm not really. I just never wanted to get married, honestly. The only benifit I can see would be for insurance reasons at this point. Besides, my DF is 30 and has been married twice already. But, I guess it's time. I've shown him rings and stones (i'm not a diamond girl, either. he has no idea what to do with me) and settings, a friend has promised him she would help pick it out. And he finally talked me into a ceremony (he didn't have one with his other 2 wives, and they wanted one. I want to go the courthouse because who needs the hassle? Or go to Japan, because wedding and honeymoon all in one!) by promising to let me have whatever theme i want. and keeping it small.
so i haven't been formally proposed to yet. i'm guessing, after rereading this post, it's because i'm really bossy.
but he did promise sparklers would be involved. and that's enough for me.

when we talked to my DSS about this, he just looked at us both like we were completely out of our minds and said "but you're already married, aren't you?". When we said not yet, he said "that's not smart. can i be the ring boy? and wear an iron man costume?". So I really think he's on board with the whole marriage thing, iron man costume aside.

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DH proposed to me 5 months after we met.

It was at my parent's house on Thanksgiving evening in front of EVERYONE! Apparently SD15 (who was 11 at the time) had the ring in her pocket all evening.

We were married 15 months after our engagement.

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He spent 9 mths with me when I visited for 'a couple of weeks' in 2002. When I returned to NZ he broke it off with me in early 2003. 6 weeks later he contacted me and wanted to visit.

Flew to NZ to see me in Oct 2003. Prior to his flight he told his sons he was thinking about asking 'someone' to marry him and what did they think. They sais "as long as it is D....."

He was upgraded due to a reassignment of seat to Business Class (WTH! A 12 hr flight in Business Class???). I met him off the plane.

Later he rolled over in bed and said "So, will you marry me?"
I looked at him and said "What took you so long? Of course!"

He got me a temporary ring (yet to be replaced with the 'real deal')and flew back (Bus. Class AGAIN!. We married on my birthday in July 2004, moved to the USA on July 30 2004, married legally in USA in Aug 2004.

My Daughter got engaged yesterday. She got roses, chocolates, teddy bear and a ring. Her fiance is a definite keeper.

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DH was eating M&M's in the bed while we were watching TV and he asked me if I wanted some. I told him no because they weren't peanut, then I noticed there was something on the M&M's so I picked one up and it said, "Will You Marry Me?" on the M&M. I said, "Yes". We were married 4 months later in a little ceremony at his mom's house.

DH had to tell SS over the phone (we live 1100 miles away) and he was fine with it.

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Actually my fiance was super cute about it! We went out to our fave lounge/restaurant with some friends. He put the ring in a champagne glass, caught the ring in his mouth and said "baby whats in my mouth, do you see something" so I freaked out and he got down on one knee in front of everyone and said how much he loved me and would I marry him.

SD is only 2 (soon to be 3) so she doesn't get it. We got engaged officially with the ring November, and we are getting married October 9, 2011.