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O/T Reseaching Before Buying Online (vent)

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AAARRGGHH!  Chef NEVER looks at reviews of a company before buying from them.  This is at least the 2nd time that Chef has purchased  hard-to-find locally vehicle parts from a dodgy online company. 

Usually well past the date he was to receive the item, I ask where he purchased it from and to my horror after quickly checking the reviews for said company, there are endless negative reviews about never receiving the part etc. 

This time the part is rather critical as he is down his work van and is driving his pickup around alternatively.  The work van is parked behind one of our vacant rentals in a less than nice neighborhood.

 This is one of the many times that he has failed to listen to my advice and has found himself in a tight spot.  The pickup will be down this Thursday for a snow plow installation which means he will need to use my car.  And no he cannot go without or rent a vehicle as this would impact me financially.  We work literally seven days a week between his biz, the rentals and my regular job.

 He has proposed driving around the huge gas hog 1985 dump truck we own instead...seriously?  Sometimes it is like living with a toddler.  


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DH just recently flushed 450 bucks down the drain on some *rare* bourbon he found online. too was a dodgy site..but hey it was bourbon.  I'm lucky as it didn't affect me....but good lord 1.  450 bucks for bourbon..WTF and 2...Dh really you couldn't tell it was dodgy.

Sigh..and then there was the time that DH bought dirt pills.  That's a whole nother story.

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You can bet that it is too good to be true.

DH didn't do this but I did buy a very cheap free standing aircon unit from a great store.  I didn't check the dimensions.  I assumed something so cheap would be small...  I was wrong. It was HUGE.   *blush*