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O/T Dodgy Websites Part II The Repercussions!

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So to update to my latest post on Chef just ordering a hard to find locally part from a dodgy website (still haven't received the tracking number since 8/10 after promise of delivery in 5-7 biz days)  I had scheduled for a new plow to be installed weeks ago on 8/26.   He is still down his work van because of not receiving this part.  Wouldn't you know Chef texts me and asks me to "reschedule the plow install" as he has too many things going blah blah.

Well I once again admonish him that this fiasco would have not have occurred had he listened to me in the past and check the reviews etc. etc.  Immediately he became defensive and said "it's no where near 3 weeks since I've ordered it; more like a week"  Um, yeah no.

I tried to reschedule the plow installation and they were unable since that would throw off THEIR whole schedule being a small company as well.   Now Chef has often done this "reschedule at the last minute" request, in all fairness, mostly legitimately but then he goes into "Fine, then I'll drive the dump truck tomorrow"  More defensiveness.  

Seriously, though?  


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Needs a Italian tune up.  Let him have fun