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O/T Procrastination VENT

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So earlier this year Chef decided not to use the ancient plow truck anymore due to the fact that it's getting to be "too much work" so he's "given" it to the neighbour who is also a procrastination nightmare.

Instead I bought a snowblower which needs tires.

I ordered the damn custom expensive tires in JUNE!

Do you think they are on yet? And we are starting to get lake effect snow here.

Usually things aren't a problem UNTIL they become a problem for CHEF. I'll get some sort of stupid excuse. . ."you just don't know how to drive" (ahem I'm eight years OLDER than Chef)

We live in a LOW LYING AREA and we have basically a MUD PIT for a driveway. Chef already has gotten conned by a fly by night driveway installer who took Chef's money for some crusher run. Never finished the job. Now we need another truck of crusher run supposedly from another "friend" of Chef supposedly at a great price (NOT).

I've been after Chef for weeks to call his friend to deliver the badly needed stone and have offered to call him myself. I got a quote from another company but supposedly this guy can do it cheaper. I've heard that before. Usually Chef allows himself to get shafted and many times he is actually SHOCKED that I can wheel and deal, getting both quality and good price.

I have a feeling that his "friend" is much HIGHER than the quote I got elsewhere and he just doesn't want to "disappoint" his "friend." (BTW being overgenerous with others is a sign of narcissism--something that Chef has all over him like stink on a skunk)

We have a jalopy jeep that I HATE driving but Chef thinks it can cross the River Jordan and expects me to drive THAT instead of him getting on the stick and putting the damn tires on the snowblower. Chef drives a high profile company van and so the driveway is not a problem for him (and that is all that matters to Chef)

I texted him just now saying we'll probably need the snow blower and of course he texts back "Y?"

Seriously, Chef???!! And now I know why women poison their idiotic, difficult and selfish spouses. Meanwhile his area of the garage (the first floor) is an absolute disaster yet Chef goes on and on about how WE need to re-organize the kitchen. Ten years and Chef STILL doesn't know my system in the kitchen so he has to BITCH about it being so-called "disorganized."

As Charlie Brown would say: "ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!"


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I DVR that show and force Chef to watch it from time to time. Last night the "boyfriend" who got run over by the woman's vehicle exhibited MANY "traits" and behaviours that Chef has already exhibited toward me.

Funny thing, Chef was "calling out" the guy (which he usually doesn't do; he usually takes the side of the guy and says the woman deserved XYZ treatment) for his behaviour. It depends who Chef views as the protagonist (his world view)