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Does your DH/SO/Partner's Family

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do this when they call?

Mr. Not so neutral, who is one of Chef's older half-brothers and for YEARS tried to convince Chef to grovel at the Girhippos feet for "the sake of the skids" (TM), called while I was enjoying a nice hot tub in the snow.

Mr. Not so neutral only calls when he wants something or when he wants Chef to do some work on his house for free.  We NEVER hear from him otherwise.  Not even at holidays. Today he is having trouble with his water heater at his son's rental house and is trying to act dumb to convince Chef to come over, which is a 40 minute drive from our house to fix it for free of course.  He's also friends with the Girhippo and skids on social media.

(gruffly) "Is Chef there?"

Not "Hi this is MNSN, is Chef there?


"Hi Thinkthrice, is Chef there?"

Nope.  When he does call because he wants something,  he rings Chef, which rolls over to the biz line and I answer it.





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that Chef's family was practically raised in a barn but I also think there is a theme of lack of acceptance too

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"Is Chef there?"

"Mmhmm." ~set down receiver and walk away~