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You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

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Mr. "Neutral' (one of Chef's older half brothers) and his son,  the Neanderthal, has been incognito lately.  They usually only come around when they want something once or twice a year or so.   He was supposed to contact us to tell us that Neanderthal got full custody of the children after his divorce (married one year--she had a kid from a previous relationship who appears to be "challenged")

Well from the social media pics:

1.  Neanderthal didn't get full custody--appears to be 50/50 at best  This is NY so he's most likely paying hefty CS regardless.

2.  Neanderthal is dating already--and dating the same type of child in a woman's body (boob shots, duck faces, BM with a kid from a previously enjoyed family)

3.  The piece de resistance.. the GIRHIPPO wished Neanderthal a Happy Father's Day on his social media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have always warned Chef to be veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrry careful what he says to Mr. "Neutral" and Neanderthal, his son as they are all enmeshed and it will be used against him by the Girhippo!  They all live out in Girhippoville!


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Sounds like DH's family. DH's brother and mother fall all over themselves to socialize with BM. I've told DH multiple times that he needs to be careful what he says to them because they are likely sharing whatever they know with BM. 

Of course, BM's father also tries to remain close with DH. He used to comment all the time on DH's posts on social media, including posts about just DH and me. I reminded DH that his ex-FIL has tried to get into the middle of disputes with BM - even trying to invite himself to their last mediation - so DH needed to remember that ex-FIL was not his friend and was also likely reporting everything back to BM. DH still hasn't removed ex-FIL from his social media (he insists that he is just trying to "be nice...for the sake of the children"), which means I won't allow DH to post anything about me, anymore. 


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Chef's parents are long since passed but here is the lineup:

Chef's only full brother, who is alternate lifestyle, has taken the Girhippo's side--has shunned us for the last 15 yrs or so

Chef has several half brothers from his mom and dad's side.   The ones on his dad's side are Chef's nephews--most of whom have sided with the Girhippo 'n' clan due to THEIR wives and GFs.

The ones  on his mom's side (half sisters and brothers) all hang out together and have very little to do with us unless they want something. 

Chef has tried playing nicey and, sadly so have I.

Chef has fixed their household plumbing, etc and I have fixed their computers.  Chef has even given one of the half sisters our car but got pissed when i gave my DD a car--I shut that down QUICK!

They all have shit in our faces and told us it was a mudslide so no need, I have reminded Chef, to try and "impress" one of his half sister's boyfriend whom we have employed for odd jobs by overpaying him (Chef has a tendency to try to impress others by overstating his generosity or actually overpaying others)