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GRRRRR Chef's So Called "Family" VENT

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6:30 a.m. RING RING

It's Mr. Neutral (one of Chef's older half bros) calling.  He must want something otherwise he NEVER makes contact with us.  But of course!  He has told one of his co-workers that Chef will do a sump pump replacement for FREE!  Thank GOD Chef has the excuse of having recent shoulder surgery.  AND STILL Mr. Neutral pressed him to "supervise" or get involved with the project (a waste of Chef's time).  Mr. Neutral lives in the far end of Girhippoville, about a 35 minute ride away from our house.

I couldn't help myself but say "Well I know my biodaughter and her husband seldom contact us but they NEVER ask us to do stuff for free for them; even when they were living fairly nearby."  Chef made some lamebrain excuse:  "well son-in-law is making a good salary now"  I shot back with "Mr. Neutral has a steady, good paying job at the landfill yet pisses all his money away"   

Silence (yep the truth hurts)

Chef had already given Mr. Neutral a top notch engine out of a once '46 chevy rat rod.  No compensation.  I don't know HOW much free merchandise / labor that Chef has given away to Mr. Neutral over the years, who used to constantly pressure Chef to suck up to the Girhippo to keep in contact with the 3 ferals.  At least that is the way HE did things, not unlike Mr. No Life, whom Chef works with.   Suck up to the BM and let your brat children walk all over you, yeah that's the ticket. Did I mention that neither Mr. Neutral nor Mr. No Life has ever moved on with another relationship? HMMMMM.

Well he finally gave up trying to get Chef to kiss the ferals and the Gir's ass but it is infuriating that the ONLY time he ever contacts us is if he wants something for free!  At least Seasoned Citizen (Chef's oldest half bro, the oldest of all siblings between 2 marriages) offers to pay us or give us some gifts in return for any help we give him.


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Just say no to them, otherwise they never stop nor do they ever change.

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that they have no real interest in us but only what we can provide.  I have to point it out every time,  he agrees but has a tendency to be overly generous with others.

When Mr. Neutral was laid up with some sort of ailment,  Chef brought him money and groceries.  No thank you, nothing.  the favor was never returned.   I have to keep reminding Chef of that.

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He has told one of his co-workers that Chef will do a sump pump replacement for FREE!

So he called at 6:30am for Chef to do a free job for co-worker. Not even himself. There is only one answer for this -- NO.