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HousesHitter (YSS 18.5) Wants To "Beat Chef's Ass"

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In conversation the other day with Chef,  he mentioned that Mr. (Not So) Neutral (one of Chef's older half-brothers who keeps in contact with the ferals)  had told him that the House sHitter said "if I ever see my dad I will beat his ass."

Mr Not So Neutral immediately said "I don't think that is a good idea, HousesHitter."  

Although the HousesHitter is approximately six foot three and weighs almost 300 pounds, it is all flab.   The only exercise he gets is from his right wrist and two thumbs for video games.  Chef is solid muscle and built like a fortress from years of construction work.

I said to Chef well that's obviously years of brainwashing from the Gir clan.  His own lying eyes had to tell him that when he came to our house he got everything he wanted and was completely spoiled with candy and toys.  He probably conveniently forgot those days. We know for a fact that the Gir has told all three Chef pays nothing and is a deadbeat dad.  LOL!

I'm sure this was just an idle threat by the HousesHitter as they all know where we live and live less than 25 minutes away.  


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Big talker, I have a feeling if he really did see his dad he would avert his gaze and try to run away as fast as his girth will allow him. 

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When BM was in the midst of her biggest PA campaign (all designed to get more CS from DH), overly dramatic SS would periodically act like he was going to start a physical fight with DH. At the time, SS was 13/14 and was over a foot and over 100 pounds smaller than DH. DH also works a very physical job, so he's much stronger than he looks. DH used to laugh in his face. DH also pays more CS than he's required to by law (which uses income and a standard calculation), but BM still tells SS that he doesn't pay enough, so SS takes it upon himself to demand DH pay more money. I really hate being around this SS...I know I should feel bad for him, because it's BM, but the kid is now in high school, so old enough to not get involved in BM's crap.