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My Greatest Fear

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Well,  the Houseshitter (YSS stb 17) has skipped yet another day of school today despite the Girhippo (and Chef) receiving the "Educational Neglect" warning letter.  

My greatest fear is that the Girhippo, after completing ruining ALL THREE CHILDREN, will try to dump the Houseshitter back on Chef.  He is the youngest and, from what I can see, most out of control skid, with SD stb 21, aka the Animal Torturer, running a close 2nd.

Chef has paid lip service to the fact that he doesn't want anything to do with the skids now that they have been PASed out for well over a decade with PLENTY of opportunities to reunify and rectify.  Of course the Gir blames their alienation on "the breakup" (TM).  That is the reason for all of their failures, academic and otherwise, their "learning disabilities" IEPs, Munchausen illnesses and hypochondria, complete lack of morals, ethics and personal hygiene.

The Houseshitter was his fav since he was the youngest (as was Chef in his family) and he had HUGE hopes and dreams that the Houseshitter "would be different than the older two"  (TM).

IMO the Houseshitter is only a few quick hops away from wearing orange permanently.   He is an oversized bully, yet at the same time a weakling physically, emotionally and mentally.  He can go live with Chef's brother just like OSS did!



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More than likely Gir will figure out some way to sue the school district for harassment of her mentally challenged man baby, and he will be enrolled in online school or something to that effect.

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Well you just purchased that rental house...could be your new peaceful abode if Houseshitter makes a return.

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Did you guys send that letter to the school?

I don't think she will dump them on you, I think she will throw her hands up and kick them out eventually and they will magically show up on your door step. She wouldn't send them to you on purpose, that would mean she failed them as a mother and she is too narcissistic for that!

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She would never admit to being a failure as a mother

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No reason to take in a loser.  So he can make your life he**    Just tell take SS and move into shack somewhere