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Prediction: The HousesHitter Will Be Evicted

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The day after YSS's "rent payment" ends.  This has been a pattern with the Girhippo first OSS moved out right around age 19 to his uncle's house for unknown reasons.  In that case the Girhippo is going to keep quiet about him moving out and keep collecting the money until I found out on social media which she was infuriated about.

Then the Animal Torturer moved out shortly after age 20 and we immediately stopped CS.  The Girhippo reported this move out this time because she knew she would probably get caught on social media again and that would be embarrassing for all her worshipers.

The HousesHitter is the worst of all three and I imagine they can't wait to jettison him out after the CS reverse ransom payments cease.

He is more likely to move in with one of his siblings than to move in with us thank goodness.  He has been completely brainwashed to the point of wanting to beat up Chef if he ever sees him again according to Mr Not so Neutral ( one of Chef's older half Brothers).  Maybe that's the reason why the HousesHitter is doing workouts lately LOL.

In other news, Chef unfortunately made a deal with Mr Not so Neutral and his adult son to finally get his antique truck rebuilt and up and running since it has been taking valuable real estate in the garage and has been sitting there basically for 5 years untouched.  Chef agreed to provide a heating system and install it in Mr Not so Neutral's auto garage.

I have a strong feeling that Chef will be the only one holding up his end of the bargain.   Mr Not so Neutral's adult son is preoccupied with his longtime girlfriend and her kids as well as his kids from a previous short-lived marriage.


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Is keeping houseHitter  Not To Move In With You.  Not for one night.  If he gets into your home Chef is going to fold.  Like a child he is.  HouseHitter will be there, doing nothing.[ Well something eating, tv video gamed, skeeoing. ] for ever''.

 You must set up your defense against HH tlike a football team.  If he HH try's this, you do that.  If you get no place to live. Then there is the YMCA .. homeless shelter.  If Chef said she needs to help for a day or two. Then AIR B&B.  Also    Keep a $100 pre paid Visa card . If things go down hill last resort. Gift card.  
'you are fighting HH and Chef depending on the day,  Chef must understand his son is a loser, but he is still his father.  You are not the mother so you have no guilt 

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"Maybe that's the reason the HousesHitter is doing workouts lately".  Omg...i am DYING laughing...that's hilarious. 

Yeah,  let's hope out of desperation SS doesn't show up wanting to reconcile with his father just to have a place to live. 

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Even EOWE was too much.  I have good furniture now that I have protectors on (Chef).