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So it’s a SD weekend, we had her Monday after her saying she wasn’t coming here anymore because DH favours my son (according to her)... Monday went well... I picked her up today and DH left for work when we got home. The evening has gone well except She likes to try to parent my son... I know she thinks she is helping, but she is not his parent... she went into his room and told him to get into his pj’s and then she took his tablet and turned it off.... he pushed they come to me both complaining... I reminded her that I will discipline him and told him to apologize for pushing her (in all honesty, I am glad my son stands up to the bullying). 

So every Friday we watch a movie... I told her she can pick this week and she said she doesn’t like movies anymore so my son can pick and she will go to my sons room and play on her phone (baby is sleeping and they share)... oh well! So I make popcorn and ask her for the converter (she has been watching her shows all evening) and she tells me his is watching her show WTF? I said nope! I will PVR it for her... but We are watching a movie and she is welcome to join us.  She leaves to my son’s room (I don’t believe in tv in bedrooms.. so we only have 1 TV hooked up... she had one in her room, until it became her and the babies room)

So this is why I am annoyed! Because she is playing on her phone and the internet is being extra slow at the moment, we can’t access the TV properly to watch a movie... the internet signal isn’t strong enough... so my son and I are stuck watching a movie on TV instead..because her playing on the phone is using up all the mb of the connection...

and why else am I annoyed? DH called at 7:46 and was done work already and is going for coffee with friend to discuss investments and business... fine, whatever! But why not come home and spend some time with your Daughter???


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His kid and he having coffee ??  I would be annoyed too. Have to tell him that  SD can only be over when he is home.  You are not a babysitter!   No wonder she doesn’t want to come over 

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Except he does EVERYTHING for my son..... but my son lives with us fulltime as my ex husband is a absent addict father.  He gets my son on the school bus every morning while I am working and I even leave extra early 3 days to go to yoga before work.  I don’t see friends withou my kids with me very often, but have a bachelorette overnight coming up and he will watch all the kids... so I feel like I can’t say that to him, since he has been a wonderful father to my son.  He also watches the baby all day (our baby) while I work and then goes to work in the evenings (he has a business and works way less hours than me). But I just feel like he needs to stop complaining about not seeing SD enough as if she is here he needs to see her when he can.... our baby is exhausting and I understand he needs friend time (last Friday he went to a baseball game) but it was a non SD weekend...I never told SD that he was at coffee... she thinks he was working 


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It does sound like she gets the short end of the stick.  If dad cannot spend time with hier, maybe he shold let her stay at moms more, or get her in after school sctivities.  

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Get an ethernet cable and run it from your modem to your computer when you watch movies OR get a better router (you should be able to watch Netflix and have someone on a phone at the same time) OR tell SD, sorry - it's movie or something other than your phone. 

Doesn't sound like you tell anyone what you need - you just stew in silence.