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Omg i cant get away from this constant drivel...

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We sit down to watch a movie... san andreas. thought it was a fun action movie, but it's so full of COD b.s, daddy still cares about mommy bull$#!t.... its too much to listen to... as dh and kaos keep watching The Rock call his ex "hunny" and swoop to her rescue... for their daughter (TM). Im holed up in the bedroom, but im sure by movie's end, gubm and dh will reconcile....

B.S. stupid movies. And kaos is eating this aaallll up while dh allows it. Lets just feed his fantasies why dont we...



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LOL I always point this out to DH! The evil step parent (usually SM) dies and the parents reunite! We went and saw Daddy's Home last week and before the movie even started I said "at least the stepmom won't die in this one"! By the end of the movie DH was being all cuddly. I think seeing the stepdad having a hard time with the biodad got to him. LOL

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Ive gotten too bent out of frame watching what little i have of this movie. I venture to say by the end, the bm and dh (the rock) will get back together....

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This is why Polly may not watch step parent movies. Romanticizing my situation would be hell on earth! She asked to watch daddy's home. My H almost had kittens Blum 3 I calmly said no, it's not age appropriate.

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Daddy's home was hilarious! Watch it with your DH! It starts out with kids being total brats to the stepdad and then the biodad swoops in and tries to win back mom. It was a pretty good depiction of step life!

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You always have the best cheese and wine. I wish I was your neighbor so I could come "borrow" a cup of cheese and two cups of wine. Biggrin

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Omg ... OMG!!!
2012! Never ever watch 2012!!!

Bio dad is a completely shiftless disorganized emotionally immature flaky guy who we are meant to sympathize with because: John Cusack
(have to admit, it worked for me at first too)

Stepdad is a motherf@cking pimp who starts out making the kids pancakes and ends up saving everybody's lives repeatedly, including John Cusack himself.
I Mean, he saves their ASSES !!!

Partway through the film, of course, stepdad is killed off in a way that completely doesn't do him any justice at all. A few shots later and mom and dad are happily snuggly wuggly and back together. No one even mentions stepfather who gave his life saving all of those selfish assholes.

I actually started a blog about this about two years ago. I will always remember watching this movie with YSD, who actually had an incredibly good relationship with, and probably 20 minutes in she said, perfectly matter-of-factly, "oh the stepdad is going to die"

And when I asked her why she thought that was the case, without even thinking about it she said
"because he's not part of the real family. He's just extra."
Ouch. Big time .

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Not part of the real

I guess it's true, I really don't feel like SD is part of my real family.