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Christmas Cards

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who is included on your family Christmas card? I just picked ours up and they just include a picture of the kids, SD, my son and the baby.  SD has been extra rude and disrespectful to me the last 2 weeks....I look at the card and realize it will always include this child who wishes I wasn’t around.  I will never be able to make a card to send my family (who barely know SD BTW) that only has my two bio kids.


jusy curious what other’s do?

Always ignored

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so after our recent fight, DH is back to Mr. Perfecf and BM said we can get SD early on December 30th for my brother’s rehearsal dinner.  We did Christmas pics Friday night and yesterday DH drove SD to a birthday party and picked up his mom, DH the two littles, MIL and I went to a parade...and then last night DH drove me to my friends and picked me up after so I could have a few drinks... he also cooked breakfast and lunch AND did the dishes.... when he wants to be great he is... it’s when he is being an ass I have such a hard time...

Upcoming holidays

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I haven’t posted in a bit as we haven’t spent a lot of time with SD, it’s back to every other weekend and every other Monday.  I have emotionally disengaged for the most part, meaning I still do things for SD, but I don’t respond or try not to get hurt when she says or does something hurtful to me. She has Also been more helpful when she is here, which is nice so I don’t feel like the chef and the maid.  However, with the holidays coming and school break she will be here more.

We finally met

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So after being with DH for over 3 years, I finally met his adult 24yo Daughter.... they do not have a relationship and she came to a family party... she met our baby (her half sister) and saw her other sister (my SD) who she does have a relationship with.... it was a bit awkward...but she was a very nice girl and it was nice to finally meet her... DH has only seen her a few times this past year...I have no idea if she will become more involved in our lives or not...She kind of feels like a stranger to DH and he did not raise her at all, so it’s an interesting situation...

Has to prove me wrong....

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The last couple of visits with SD have overall went okay... she is at the age where she wants to play on her phone or watch her own shows.... the mini wife stuff has completely subsided as well....her and my son still fight a lot, he annoys her and she is really mean.... but we don’t see her a whole lot and I have doing more cards things with the two littles, while she has been with DH...

however, when I do try to talk with her and connect with her (something our counsellor suggested)she seems to need to find a way to undermine me and prove me wrong...

No idea what she is in for

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a good friend got engaged last night.... she is divorced with one 6yo boy (has majority custody... but has a good relationship with her cheating ex and he is a good dad)  she met her fiancé 6 months ago.... he has 50/50 of his 3 kids... aged 5-16....the ex wife is apparently a nightmare...

her fiancé is really great.... but OMG! When she said she was engaged I was like ahh! She has no idea what she is in for! She is such an amazing woman who has had a lot of crap happen in her life... I hope things workout okay for her!!



Could my 5yo really be doing this?

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So I have posted how my 11yo SD was threatening to not come over anymore because she thinks my 5yo son is favoured by my DH (his step dad). She has said that my son gives her nasty looks while he calls DH “daddy” and it is upsetting her... well she has taken this anger out on my son and is being really mean to him... we are spending the weekend at MIL’s and last night my son wouldn’t even go downstairs with her abyntlr because she was being mean...  so last night after the baby was sleeping we were lying on the pullout couch, DH, my son and me....


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So it’s a SD weekend, we had her Monday after her saying she wasn’t coming here anymore because DH favours my son (according to her)... Monday went well... I picked her up today and DH left for work when we got home. The evening has gone well except She likes to try to parent my son... I know she thinks she is helping, but she is not his parent... she went into his room and told him to get into his pj’s and then she took his tablet and turned it off.... he pushed they come to me both complaining...

And now she wants to come over less

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So after my last post, I decided not to take off on Saturday with my kids, SD was sweet and helpful (in hindsight maybe I should of) but SD spent all Friday with DH and the baby as she was off school on a PA day and I was working and my 5yo in school. IDK as much as DH upsets me, I am not ready to give up.l on this marriage. I guess on Saturday when I was cleaning inside, SD was yelling at my son and DH yelled at her to stop...she got upset and told him that he likes my son (his step

I am back!

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So I took a break from here, I have a new account so my entries are gone.  Anyways, I have a mini wife situation and my DH and I have had some major issues too.  Over the summer I spoke to DH about how his daughter (11), is all over him.  He was very hurt and now that he has been stopping her from Lyon on him, sitting on his lap etc... he feels he is rejecting her love and now resents me. We started with a family counsellor yesterday (just him and I).