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Rant about DH

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White space so there's no cussing on the front page.

Why, why, WHY the FUCK would you NOT save ALL correspondence from fucking Bobo (BM)??

I just found this out.

DH: "man if I had all of those old emails from when we were arguing about this..."

Me: "What do you mean, don't you save them?

DH: "Nah, I don't save anything."

Is it wrong for me to call my husband a dumbass idiot? I swear, he and BM deserve each other sometimes.


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You are kidding right? :jawdrop: What the fuck was he thinking?

you might be able to recover it in the deleted folder of email? Some of them hold things in there for a month or more.

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Know the feeling.. Ive organized the money order stubs for child support many times, and I cant believe he doesnt have them all from the very beginning.

The recent ones from the last few years are there because Ive been on top of it, but come on!

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No, no recovery.

What he was talking about were the emails from when BM was insistent about giving SD15 a cell phone - from 2006. Now, of course, BM doesn't want SD15 to have a cell phone, at least one she has to pay for.

I say, let SD15 pay for the pre-paid phone she ALREADY HAS out of babysitting money.

But really, the lack of thinking drives me insane. He also won't make sure the voice recorder is running when he picks up the phone - we have lost SO MUCH EVIDENCE. And screw transcribing it, he won't go to the effort. He'd rather bitch about how BM has him over a barrel legally and how we will never be able to pry SD15 away from her.


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what do you need evidence for? Are you documenting to get custody? If so, the kid is old enough to decide if she wants to live with her father. If not, don't let it take up space in your brain.

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Totalybogus you would think so.

But the lawyer we consulted told us that in SD15's state, the courts didn't listen to kids, even if they are old enough to have a driver's license. And she (a father's rights lawyer) had never seen an out of state military father win custody of a child.

Around that time, BM quit hitting SD15, and quit cussing at her, which she just started again this week. So we let it go.

Now the cussing is starting, and I don't doubt the belt will come out soon again.