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Humpty Troll

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I generally have empathy and do not wish bad on my fellow human.

Toxic Troll is now Humpty Troll.

Apparently she fell in the bath tub the other day washing the dog (husky mix medium size) and was taken by ambulence to the hospital, where is was determined she broke some ribs.

I just found out last night when I called Munchkin SD14 to pick her up for our visitation, and she told me she wanted to stay longer. Its a clean break, she said, but her mother wasnt resting, instead figdeting and moving around and "howling" in pain. Since Feral Forger SD22 doesnt drive and Toxic Troll cant drive and Munchkin SD14almost15 doesnt have license, Humpty Troll is out of luck as regards pain medication too.

Besides, Feral Forger had a date with the beach and the weather was uncharacteristicallly warm. Her friends drove her. Leaving Munchkin and Humpty all alone.

Like I said, I do empathize with my fellow human, and a thought to helping did quickly pass through my phsyche. And then withered away when I suggested it to DH, who was "Nah, let her suffer for a while. Ill giver her some stimulus cash, and maybe someone else can drive her..."

I did helpfully suggest to Munch that her mother contact her stepmother "because isnt that what we are here for anyway???"


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It must be really difficult to have zero ability to use a single brain cell to help oneself. How TT or now HT has managed to birth and keep two children alive to this point is mind boggling!

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Than her sister AND her mother combined.

Humpty Troll needs a partner. Thats how she managed to birth and keep them alive, DH did EVERYTHING.


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of pain meds, according to Munchkin. I asked (to pretend I was concerned).

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Why would you guys help her any sort of way....including giving her money? 

There are PLENTY of services out there for TT to get someone to drive her, delivery whatever to her house etc. Not your fault she broke ribs and is howling in pain. TT wouldn't do a damn thing for you. 

Where is the LA boyfriend? 

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No doubt, as soon as the poon-nany cracks the riblets.

DH wants to give her half of the stimulus cash that he got for munchkin. Shes always crying poor (but went to disneyland and hawaii and trips down the coast to resort towns...)

Yeah. My thoughts of extending any olive branches withered away as soon as they budded out.

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I would not be giving BM a dime of that stimulus. If BM can't manage her finances, that is BM's problem. Maybe she shouldn't be taking lavish trips if she can't afford her bills. Doesn't your DH pay BM CS? If so, giving BM some stimulus would be a HELL NO. 

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Hes figuring its worthwhile to shut her up. Its $700, and yes he pays child support, but its VERY low and she has threatened multiple times to "go to court and up it to the amount her lawyer tells her, about $500". So, calculating the differential to what he pays now, $347, that amounts to $153, over 34 months totalling $5,202, he figures its the cheaper way to go.

I am here telling him the magic 8-ball is saying that she WILL take him back to court for review (this August its 3 years), and since shes not currently working but not yet on disability, the judge might think she deserves to get that upper end of the scale, even with her income imputed. He makes decent money, so do I, so $700 and peace of mind is worthwhile.

I agree that he shouldnt be giving her 2 cents above child support, but there you go. Its not worth the 5-minute argument. lol. 

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Has a stepmother?  I wonder what that relationship is like....

Nah, don't get involved.  Its HT's problem!

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Shes got a thing for poodles so thats her kiddo. But its kinda funny - in Humpty Trolls world, SHES the sane one, like munchkin is the sane one. Her older sister, used to be Homeless Troll, now just Crazy Troll, she is much like Feral Forger. Humpty Troll goes to her stepmother for advice and when she needs something. HT's father is a little bit wealthy and lives in a nice home but would never extend himself to have any of his kiddos live with him. They live about an hour north.

I often wonder what stepmother and humpty trolls relationship is like...then I try to scrub my brain afterwards...

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Humpty can call the waaaaaaaah-mbulance. Or she can call a taxi or uber to take her to the pharmacy for meds. I woudn't drive BioHo to her own funeral unless she was being cremated and I got to light the fire. *diablo*

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Yeah, I'm always shocked by these men who still help out their crazy, abusive, threatening ex. DH wouldn't piss on BM if her hair was on fire. 

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I saw that devilish glint and it was pretty exciting! After all the abuse hes taken, all the heapings of "cold hearted bast@rd" and "you hit me (when I was drunk and trying to hit you and you pushed me away causing the bruises, but Ill rewrite history anyway)"

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and Feral Forger no license.

And Munchkin in the middle yet again.

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I know what you mean about having mixed feelings when a toxic person has a medical issue.  Like you, I am as detached as possible from SD59.  Well, she called Monday night to say she'd been taken to the hospital.  Long story short is that she had severe anemia and a bleeding ulcer, she's had these issues before.  I've not responded to the medical emergencies the last 4 years but coincidentally, my covid shot was scheduled for the next day at the same hospital.  DH thought he and I would visit afterwards but the hospital only allowed 1 of us so I got nominated.  She wasn't in her room, was having a procedure, so I left a note.  Later, I called and she was home.  "Eat more, double up on your Nexium and don't let things get so bad before calling your doctor" seemed to be the treatment plan after a 45-minute recitation of all symptoms, every event leading up to the hospitalization and a recitation of what each and every medical professional said.

Her favorite was a doctor who supposedly said he could tell from her blood tests that she was very anxious and carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.  I didn't realize that a person's medical state could be told from their blood tests but what do I know?  The only upshot to the whole situation was that she called her oldest daughter, instead of 83yo DH, to bring her home.  That's a positive change.

Up until I disengaged after all the theft, drugs and lies, I would have gone into "caring SM" mode.  I just cant do it anymore but it makes me feel guilty.

The toxic ones in our lives - it never ends.

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Is that a total come-on line? For a hookup later on? Like "I can read me in your future" for a psychic, or "let me paint myself on your body" from an

"I can see from your blood test you are a narcissistic user-b!tch from h@ll." would be Humpty Trolls prognosis.

I know for a fact that either I would be sucked in just to be used more, or I would somehow end up being the bad guy yet

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I would bet nobody said it.  It's what she wishes some authority figure would say.  "You poor thing, you are so sensitive and caring, you are making yourself sick.  Someone should take care of you and solve all your problems."

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Her and Humpty Troll can get together for a Pity Party because they are both so sensitive and kind and caring. And no one understands them. And they are victims of this cold cruel world. And they just need to be LOVED.