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Insecure much?

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Warning: language.

What with SDstb16 (1 week) acting like an idiot lately, and using the excuse that "but you would be so disappointed in me" for why she couldn't POSSIBLY tell us what was going on even AFTER she was busted, there were some heavy-duty conversations in our house over the break.

DH told SDstb16 that yes, he had cheated on BM.** This was to show her that he is NOT PERFECT. He also told her (and showed her the documentation) that BM tried to put a restraining order on him at the time of the second divorce. After years of seeing DH act normally and seeing BM act like a drama whore, she concluded (on her own) that BM was full of shit when she filed that mess. BM is pissed because we were telling SDstb16 inappropriate things about her and DH's marriage. DH did not say ONE WORD about BM's affairs, although she got knocked up twice very quickly after starting them, so SD knows that they exist. DH thinks she's pissed because we took away a trump card: "Your dad is horrible because he cheated on me!" or "He's violent; I had to take out a restraining order for OUR PROTECTION!" Now that she has seen the specifics, SDstb16 knows what's what.

So now BM won't speak to DH. She told SDstb16 that we didn't support her (uh, no, we won't kiss her ass) and she wouldn't speak to us any more. She is also now blaming SDstb16 for my refusal to speak to her. First it was that DH is controlling me and not letting me talk to her, now it's because SDstb16 has said mean, horribly untrue things about her. The truth is, she is toxic, and I have better things to do than speak to an ignorant, bigoted, hypocrite. Plus, not my kid, and I never fucked BM, so not my duty to speak to her.

DH called and BM wouldn't come to the phone. She made her husband talk to him.

I swear, she is a fucking coward.


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LOL oo you are so bad for not talking to your DH's ex WTH is she smoking?! LOL sorry I would love to be such a bad person for not talking to the ex. Don't worry about all her crap she just wanted to be the "good" person.

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Congratulations on BM no longer talking to your DH. That truly is a holiday gift! Hopefully she will not take that amazing gift back.

Happy New Year my friend.

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There is no way I would talk to BM. What the hell is she thinking? Not our jobs to communicate with these women in anyway. DH's had kids with them. He has to, I sure as hell don't.

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I have never talked to BM. DH used to, he very rarely does now that SDs are in their mid teens. Just be thankful that the stupid bitch is not talking to your DH- agree with Rags on this. See it as a bonus.

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BM sounds like a prize. I know SD isn't perfect, but she at least seems to be trying to better herself and realizes that her mom has issues (that's got to be a tough thing to do). That's great that she doesn't want to talk to DH anymore. Hopefully, she'll stick to email unless it's an emergency.

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That's the problem though.

Outside of the mental hospital drama, BM hasn't actually spoken to DH in about six months. Maybe a year. She won't email him either. She'll jut go on beating and bullying his daughter, and will avoid speaking to him. She tells SDstb16 that she has ZERO choice on where she lives, and her husband has threatened SDstb16 with juvie "if (you) continue to be defiant."

Folks, this girl is not bad. She's a stupid horny teenager who snuck around with a 20-yr-old. She gets decent grades, and has never touched a cigarette or an alcoholic drink in her life, let alone any of the drugs her friends do and deal. Unlike a lot of you, we don't get the teenaged sulkiness or entitlement issues - she is humble and obedient and grateful for EVERYTHING. She's just the only member of that family who doesn't worship the ground BM walks on like her stepfather and younger half-brother do.

I keep telling DH that he needs to confront BM on the bullying and beating, but she's been avoiding him - now that it's involving the police (carnal knowledge of a minor charges on the 20-yr-old) he needs to really push the issue. Unfortunately, if we filed custody paperwork, the court would view it as SDstb16 trying to run away.