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Census Indicates Single Dad Population BOOMING!!

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Which by inference, means there are more guilty daddies with children out there looking for a "good woman" to provide them:

1. childcare
2. maid/laundress service
3. chef services
4. financial support for previously enjoyed family
5. "fringe benefits"

But of course, with ZERO say as to what goes on re: their previously enjoyed family.

Single women. . .RUN!!!!


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I hear ya! After two divorces and now living with this one who is the worst of them all as far as baggage and drama is concerned, NEVER AGAIN!

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Oh hell... "RUN" is exactly right. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER a-friggin'-gain...

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I think a couple other options to that need to be asked:
Yes, and they live at home
Yes, and they SOMETIMES live at home

1) yes, and I've granted them adult spousal status
2) yes, and they are the alpha and the omega of my existence
3) yes, and between them and the BM, my life is not and will not ever be my own

>> NEXT !!! <<

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The Behemoth drained ALL THREE college funds to dump into her titanicesque business that failed in a year's time. WHO KNEW you actually had to WORK when you had your OWN BUSINESS??!!

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Ha! Yes. Stock purchases are the way to go. Not just BMs but princess SDs with guilty daddys

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I've noticed on those sites that a lot of men with kida will message you even if you do what I uses to do and put "NO KIDS PLEASE, I DON'T WANT A GUY WITH KIDS"