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GG WHEN will you EVER LEARN!!!

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So it seems that GG's six pages of handwritten heartfelt letter "to the skids" is an epic FAIL!! Who Knew??!! I was not privy to that letter (on purpose, of course; they're HIS KIDS and therefore none of MY business, but I digress) but GG was a FOOL not to make a copy of it. According to GG he "called out" the Behemoth and clan on their PAS! He actually thought that the Behemoth would let that one slide simply b/c it was "addressed to the skids" and sent priority mail. HA! I told him that the Behemoth would never let that see the light of day and probably just gave his phone number off of it to VD in an attempt to reactivate GG's "non-parental status disneydad ad hoc babysitting card" (TM)

All he got was 3 texts in a row from VD referring to the Snoop Dog Rap "Living Young Wild and Free" horribly misspelled, of course. Whatever happened to "Hi Dad?"

TOTAL crash and burn! It may even have prompted a "medical expenses review" from CSEU that he got in the mail yesterday!! I'm thinking the letter angered the Behemoth and so she got the CSEU to shoot out a letter inquiring about his ability to pay health insurance for the skids. Some time ago (over 4 years ago) the skids were switched to her cadillac gov't worker's insurance plan (free to her).

There are no health insurance benefits with the job GG has had for the past over 4 years. He DID have such benefits at his OLD job in which he was paying for EVERYTHING but that old job went out of business. Boy did the Behemoth really ramp up the Munchausens when she would take the skids for an MRI for each sniffle when on GG's insurance.


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Is GG really that dumb that he thought he could send this big stupid letter to the skids and not expect that the Behemoth would A. read it and B. edit it/and or trash it and that he could bash the Behemoth and her clan and not have that be taken as a preemptive strike that she would most certainly retaliate to?

My, my....I should think that an ignorant 3rd grader would have more common sense than this (no offense to ignorant 3rd graders)

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Yeah like after nine years of all three beer bonging the PAS koolaid they would BE ALLOWED to read the letter and think: "Gee maybe Mom isn't right after all; there IS a second side to this story" then maturely contact him to re-establish paper tiger parenting sessions.

Yeah right!! Such a FOOL!! How much is that bridge again in Brooklyn?

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I'm sure excited for you that you'll be getting away from this mess this year. But I'd be lying--just a bit--if I didn't say I'll miss your rants and stories.

I hope you'll keep GG as a friend just so you can relay his drama.

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No chance of us being friends due to the many murder threats, but I might check in from time to time on the trainwreck's grades. They don't know I log onto the portal. GG has ZERO interest in looking at grades. Although he knows their grades are horrendous, he just shrugs his shoulders, blames it on "the system" and "the teachers" and that his kids are "late bloomers."

OH and grades aren't important.