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Wish me Luck on "Actress Round Two"

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This Sunday we'll "officially" be celebrating GG's b-day. Which is funny b/c he totally forgot mine last year. Anyhoo I have to act interested so wish me luck!!

Only a few more months before my ninja-like exit!!


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Best of luck!! Try to imagine your new found peaceful & happy life when you can exit out of all that mess!! You will be happy & content, while they (he) will always be miserable!! That should put a smile on your face!! Smile

Let us all know how it went!

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Oh good luck! Pretending can be so hard. When you have to sustain it for a long time, things start slipping out. I always end up with a headache and need a drink after those times.

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Copious amounts of alcohol may assist in your pursuit of oscar nomination best leading actess!

Good luck!

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have fun....

oh by the way how is Alsomeson doing in his tech school? does he like it so far?