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thinking about leaving ST...

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So Im still new to ST but idk Im kinda thinking about leaving??? at first I was super excited because I thought I would read experiences similar to mine and maybe get advice... but idk anymore... what to do???


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Why are you thinking about leaving?? Do you feel you are not getting the advice you need or want? Do you feel you do not have things in common?

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something like that (advice I want) the main reason y I joined is because I really wanted to know if anyone knows what I can do to get DH CS order to be less with out it bitting us in the butt like it did the first time we tryed to modify the CS order... Im still considering dnt know what to do???

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Everyone on this site would like to be able to do the same thing. We are all at the mecry of our court system. Have you and DH talked to a lawyer about your options? A lot of times we get stuck paying based on income. The courts dont care if BM really needs the money or what she is using the money for. Its based in income and your DH responsability to the children. I for one dont agree with the ammounts that a lot of people pay on this site including my BF $1,500. It is what it is. So long story short I would suggest talking to a lawyer.

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I have been a member for many months now.. Honestly I rarely blog just sometimes read. I do not always like what I read but there are times when it really does help.
So my advice is to hang in there and maybe one day it will help.

Sorry I can not help with the CS issue.

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Well Pretty,

the question about CS varies state to state and country to country. A lot of us have some experience with CS but it is so individual that our "advice" on that is honestly, useless. You need to either consult a lawyer or study up on the laws and regulations regarding that where you live.

we can offer support and advice for every day stuff, gripes and and parenting stuff, but legalities is a whole different ballgame.

sorry I don't have more to offer.


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Im thinking about consulting a lawyer with my dh hopefully that helps... but yeah I guess I thought the advice would b more legal than personal but either way it has helped even by reading other blogs... thanks

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thats y Im not sure about what we are going to do... but consulting a lawyer is free so will see what happens from there... wish me luck

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ur right DH needs to speak to a lawyer and quick... I even asked him if he would want her to live with us that way we dont pay cs (we would ask sd first ofcourse) but he said no he would never do that I dont know y because he knows that his daughter is only a paycheck to his x but he did say that we can get her every weekend but im not sure about that I care for her and get along with her but I think I want some weekends for just us and our kids... so who knows Im still confused about what to do...

wow it looks like you've been through a lot!!! but I have to give it to you for beeing a single mom working 2 plus jobs and still mamaging to help ur kids with their hw!!! if only bm was like that but all that biotch cares about is her weekly check :sick:

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I'm with you on having SD every weekend - you need some time together as a couple, and why should BM get to party all weekend every weekend?

I would say however, that having a child come live with you just because you don't want to pay CS isn't the best reason (and if BM doesn't cough up then you'd be worse off anyway!)

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lol my dh x also makes good money and her bf and now other bd makes good money to they live in a two story home I live in a 2bed apat Biggrin but yet she says the $800 she gets in a mnth is not enough :sick: but at least I heard they had to sell their truck and cut off on going places including family dinners because they cant afford it!!! please give me a break :sick:

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thank you Stepma I will look into that site...

Hi Nomi,
Thank you so much for your advice, ur right this site is pretty much people venting about their personal situations... I mean it's still helpful because like you said u can relate to peoples situation but its not "legal" advice...but yeah I guess I will stay, it still helps to read other peoples blogs and see that I am not the only one going through this, at least knowing that conforts me for some reason lol

P.S I think u shoul consult a lawyer about ur situation because I would not want to be paying $600 more than what we should!!! Good Luck