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OT - 39 weeks pregnant and not sure what to pack in my hospital bag

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I've got some of the basic stuff in there but I'm not really sure what you need when you get to the hospital and every list seems to be different. Help would be great


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When I went, I didn't pack much ... but I wish I did have some things on hand.

1st - bring your own soap, shampoo, washcloth, toothpaste, etc. The stuff the hospitals have in the showers is NASTY!
2nd - bring something calm to entertain yourself. If you like to read, bring a book or magazine, or crossword puzzle book. Sometimes they take the baby during the day and leave you with nothing to do.
3rd - slippers. You'll need them for walking around the floor and the visits to the nursery.
4 - a robe. You don't want that open flap in the back of their gown to fly open as you're scooting down the hallway.
5 - some snacks that you like. Hospital food sometimes sucks.

Just some suggestions...

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If this is your first baby - pack a snack! First labors are long and intensive and they don't feed you while you're in labor. After 18 hours, I was STARVING!!!

Paint your toenails a funky color beforehand. When my feet were in the stirrups, I kept giggling hysterically over stupid stuff, and one was my bright purple toenails.

This is essential - maxi pads!! You will definitely need them, and the kind they give you at the hospital are either like pillows between your legs or big sheets.

Socks - take lots of socks. I had an epidural during my second delivery. After my daughter was born, I was freezing and my feet were like ice. I also had the shakes like you wouldn't believe. Thankfully, they cover you with soft heated blankets after delivery. Soooo nice.

Don't forget your camera!!!

Take advantage of the hospital staff and get some sleep. Let them take care of the baby as much as possible, because you will be exhausted. I remember feeling on top of the world like I could do anything. I got out of bed and collapsed from exhaustion. I didn't realize how much the whole delivery had drained me. Once you get home with the baby, you are going to wish you had gotten sleep.

Love me or hate me, I'm still gonna shine!!!

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I packed waaaay too much though. DD roomed in with me-no nursery, so I didn't really use any of the books etc I brought cuz I was either with DD or sleeping. I had packed clothes for myself, but ended up being more comfy in the gowns since I was either breastfeeding or being checked by my doc every hour. My list would be also include

1. ipod/music player to listen to during labor (We had it loaded with relaxing music and then had it plugged into a little portable boom box.
2. An outfit for baby to go home in
3. Makeup. You will have lots of visitors and lots of photos taken.
4. camera/journal. You may want to capture thoughts/feelings/moments etc.
5. If you are breastfeeding pick up some Lansinoh cream. Start using it in the hospital. It will save your life!!!

Good Luck

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I took my own nightgowns, the old ones that I knew wouldn't bother me if they got stained so I would feel somewhat at home and my scent would be in my clothes for baby. I took my own shower stuff and beauty products. I took an outfit for me to go home in. My baby went to the nursery every night to allow me some sleep time. My hospital had great maxi pads and I wish they sold them in stores, but they don't. What worked really well was overnight ones, the thin kind by ALWAYS. Anything I forgot, my DBF went home to get it since the hospital was right across the river from our apartment.

Make sure you pack it ASAP. I went into labor while in the midst of packing my

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But they need to open in the front.

Socks. Socks socks socks.
Panties... the bigger and looser the better.
Pads.. thick, thick, thick ones though you'll likely use the stuff the hospital gives you (which is kinda awesome but TOTALLY unattractive)

Snacks Smile

Loose clothes to leave in. You don't realize that when you leave you'll likely still look 6 mos pregnant.

If you have a c/s you might want a pillow to hold on your belly when you cough.

Slippers/Shoes... make sure there are no laces... loose, cause if you have an iv, you will swell up. My feet looked like I was baking bread.


Good luck!

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I took my own blanket- a nice soft fleece one. I nightgown and some loose clothes to come home in. I took sudoku games, crosswords, and stuff. I had sour candy because it calmed my stomach during labor. They wouldn't let me eat so I was super glad I had snacks in the bag. I brought a cute outfit to take princess home in and a camera. Socks and or slippers are a must. Don't forget a toothbrush and toothpaste.

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Yes, bring some of your own stuff. A change of clothes, probably what fit you when you were about six months pregnant. I wore an outfit both times that was cotton knit, very comfortable, but that looked good. Everyone is going to be looking at you as you are in that wheelchair holding your baby on the way out of the hospital. Trust me, they are all going to be smiling and making faces at that new baby. You will need an outfit, or two for the baby to go home in. I say two, because one might be too big, too small, or get something on it, so two outfits are nice to have, plus a nice recieivng blanket for going home. Don't forget to put your baby's car seat in your vehicle. Very important, because you won't be leaving the parking lot of the hospital without it. I brought my toiletries with me-hair and body products as well as make-up. Bring pads for your trip home, oh, and safety pins if you are planning on using the ones provided at the hospital during your stay (you might as well, you've already paid for them-I did). Bring old underware, because your good ones might get stained. I didn't bother even bringing a nightgown, I just used theirs. It was ugly, but it is the one that got all yucky. Bring your CAMERA! That is very important. You are going to want to take a lot of photos of that new baby. Make sure you leave a little extra room in your bag because the nurses at the hospital are going to send you home with everything that you didn't use that you already paid for during your stay. They can't reuse these items (even unopened) for the next patient.

Good luck. Everyone's labor is different. Mine was short both times, but very intense. Some people have long labors that aren't as intense, but that are very tiring. So, you might want to come prepared in case you have a long labor.

Oh, and if the nurses offer to take the baby to the nursery in the evening, you might want to take them up on it, especially if the baby is really fussy. The last night of good sleep I got was the day the baby was born. The baby kept me going on about four hours of sleep per night for about 8 months after the baby was born.

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I was just in your position!! I brought my own toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hair brush, clothes for my husband to sleep in (I wore the hospital gown), clothes for both of us to wear the next day, clothes for all three of us to wear home (a few different sized ones for the baby), mittens for the baby because their nails might be a little long, slippers/flip flops, cell phone and charger, camera with a memory card and extra batteries, we also brought a laptop. I brought snacks but we never ate them. Don't forget any daily medications that daddy may need.


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I liked the shirts with the foldover sleeves more than the mittens... the mittens came off.

I kept my little one swaddled pretty tightly though for the first few weeks.

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absolutely go with the shirts with the fold over sleeves...we purchased some after we left the hospital Smile my little one is wearing a gown with fold over sleeves right now Smile

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I basically brought

For me
Robe, brush, tooth brush + paste, blow drier, towel x 2 , small mirrow, ear plugs!( you never know if the person next to you snores!) + a book and my own cup for water and slippers! Extra blanket. thick one!!!! Thick PADS!!!!

diapers, wipes, clothes , mitts(to get an outfit with them attached!) and a hat. One cozy blanket.:)

Get the car seat ready!!!!
camera, batteries, cell phone if you have one.

Relax and enjoy! may your birthing be short , so you can hold your little one!!

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Maxi Pads... ! I hated the ones in the hospital!
Your own underwear... they made me wear the net ones.. gross me out
Your own pillow... I was soo uncomfortable with the pillow they gave me!
Something to entertain you... a crossword or wordsearch... they didn't take my babes out of the room for very long.. (Just to bathe them).. but when they were in their bassinets sleeping, after staring at them for a loooong time... I'd do a crossword! : )

Note.. my last child was 1 week early and 10 pounds! Good luck!