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OT - people who try to push "friend" status

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Blog hoggin'... Why is it that some people seem to think that being your FRIEND entitles them to special consideration?? And I'm not talking about a close friend. Sure, I've known this person for many years, but we have NEVER been close. We grew up together, but we are NOT close. We've been out drinking together WITH A BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE, but we are NOT close. You being intoxicated and spilling your guts to me does not suddenly mean we're now best-est friends.

Anyhoo. I have my old house up for sale. A mutual friend of ours posted the listing on FakeBook in some sale sites. Mr. Not-Close friend texts me about it.

NC: Hey, isn't (this address) your old house? (How does he know that??)
Me: Yes, why?
NC: I saw it listed on FB marketplace for sale. Does the land come with it?
Me: Yes. (Who sells a house but not the land??)
NC: Why is the price so low? (It's not that low.)
Me: It's needs some minor cosmetic work.
NC: Like what?
Me: Paint or wallpaper in kitchen and sunroom. Tile in sunroom needs replacing in one area. New kitchen faucet needed. Replace/new trim in kitchen. Shed needs new latch set.
NC: So just minor stuff?
Me: Yes. (didn't I just say that??)
NC: I can move in tomorrow.
Me: It's not actually a rental - it's for sale.
NC: I'd be a great tennant!
Me: I'm sure, but it's not for rent. Smile
NC: For a year?
Me: Wish I could, but I need to sell it.
NC: It would be a great place for me!
Me: Sorry, but I can't do a rental.
NC: What about for 6 months?
Me: I really cannot do a rental.
NC: Would you do Bond for Deed?
Me: Sorry, no. I need to sell it.
NC: Bond for Deed IS selling it!!
Me: Bond for Deed means I'm still tied to the property until you pay it off. I can't do that.
NC: I could really use a break and some help...
Me: I wish I could help, but I cannot rent or do Bond for Deed.
NC: I thought we were friends!!! (aaaaaaand here we go!)
Me: We are friends (if you can call it that!), but I cannot afford to keep the house.
NC: But you'd be getting MONEY with rent!!!!!!!!
Me: And I would also have to pay for renter's insurance.
NC: Rent will cover all of that!!!!!!!!! (what's with all the damn exclamation points!!!!!)
Me: Sorry, but I can't do a rental.
NC: Don't make me beg, Aniki!!!!!!! (you already are....)
Me: I'm sorry, but I MUST sell the house.
NC: I know you and Mr. Aniki make good money!!!!!! (and that's NUNYA, weezer head)
Me: Um, we have other bills. I'm not discussing that with you.
NC: See?? I'm BEGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OMFG)
Me: I'm sorry, NC. I can't help you.
NC: You COULD. You just don't WANT to!!!!!!
Me: I CANNOT rent the house. That's all there is to it.
NC: I can't believe you're being so MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Sorry.
NC: YOU'RE NOT SORRY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: I'm done with this conversation.
NC: You're being a F*CKING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: And you just got yourself Blocked.


What in the f*cking f*ck is WRONG with some people?!


I just rec'd a text from a number I didn't recognize...

This is John Doe NC's friend. He wants to know why you blocked him.

Yes, I blocked John Doe. Jaysus!


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Wow!!! Grown man whining!!!! Geez he sounds like the kind of person who if you did rent him the house would end up suing you for some made up something.

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Right?! And Bond for Deed? Even worse. I'm sure he'd default, I'd have to get him legally booted out, and he'd end up doing damage to the property and I couldn't afford to fix it.

Man whining is SO unattractive!

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Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

The nerve. I would have blocked him half way down. You are way more patient than I am!

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Exjulie, I'm not sure that "twatwaffle" is an accurate description. How about whiny-ass twatwaffling mangina princess??

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What in the sweet hell was THAT?!

I thought this was going to be a "hey, I put an offer, will you put in a good word" or something when they put down significantly less. Or were asking if you would show the house versus your realtor. Or asking for the "inside scoop", which is what it started out as.

All of that I could understand. I would never ask because I try not to mix too much business with personal, unless I was REALLY good friends with the person.

But BLOODY HELL that got needy super and creepy in a way I never expected. The balls on that dude must be plated platinum and have to be moved via cart because that

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THAT'S WHAT I WAS THINKING!! Hey, NC is interested in the house. Not only would I have been willing to tell him what was needed, I would have sent him more pics AND shown him the house AND contacted the realtor AND possibly been willing to take a bit less.

But not even for my CLOSEST friends would I go from selling to Rental or Bond for Deed. WTF?!

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Some people have cojones the size of manhattan...

The good thing is that I don't think he considers you friends any

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This is the kind of person who comes back later and says "don't worry, Aniki, I forgive you for what you did".

I almost hope he does. I always love Evil Aniki follow-up stories. *devil*

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Lt Dad, don't make Aniki become Evil Aniki! People don't like Evil Aniki...

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I was thinking Rhode Island... Or is Manhattan bigger?

And a Makers Mark Manhattan sounds reeeeeeally tasty...

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He sounds like a nut job, keep the HECK away from him as much and as far as you can. What the h@ll doesn't he get?!? You are not selling!!! That's it, bottom line. After that interaction I wouldn't have anything to do with him......what the f@#k......

Hope your day gets better Aniki.


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I'm not RENTING, Siempre! lol

I haven't even see this guy for over a year. Que loco!!

And I'm on my way to the Dentist. NOT better!

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Dude is an insult to men. 

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”Never do business with friends or family because you’re asking for trouble”!!

they will default on you, scam you or better still trash the place...

lol op that exchange had me laughing my arse off. If i were inyour position and he called me a fucking bitch, i’d tell his he’s being a wanker and needs to stop stalking you or you’ll lodge a report with police for a restraining order against them

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Shamds, I'm willing to bet that, had this wanker bought my house, he'd call and bitch about every little thing!

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Interesting that you say ”Never do business with friends or family because you’re asking for trouble”!!

When I was younger the lady I was renting an apartment from told me this and it was due to her negative experience at the time but now that I'm older I get it. Not to say that it's always the case but for the most part these situations can get tricky because people tend to blur the lines with the thought that "we are friends or family" and take advantage.

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a cousin of mine signed as a guarantor for a loan on a car or home for his friend, friend took off shortly after and he was on the hook.

same cousin his elder sister went broke when her husband died and found he had entrusted his life insurance policy to a new woman he met 6 months earlier. She guilted her siblings and had her youngest brothers wife sign on for a car loan so she could get around because she is the eldest. She has no job, no money and you’d think they’d learn but nope.

same cousin due to bad global financial crisis, was struggling financially so a richer brother offered to be a guarantor on a 10K loan to help him out and said don’t stress and pay when you can. There was no time limit as he wanted his elder brothers life to be more stable.

well younger brothers wife wanted a new car to keep up impression with inlaws as they were all getting mpv’s, car dealership said you can’t get a loan as hubby is still guarantor on an existing loan and that must be paid off before they can get a loan (strict lending rules in the country they’re from), well the wife decided to pay it. She’s a stay at home wife since few yrs prior so the money she used to pay it off came from her husband.

well after she paid that loan off she told my cousin he owed her money and to pay up real quick

my cousin told her to get stuffed, that the loan was from his younger brother and had nothing to do with her.

suddenly theres fighting and arguments and people avoiding family events because of this

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They keep getting roped into more guarantor and doing favours for family for the sake of family and respect of family elders despite all these ongoing issues because if they don’t the rest of the family shames them

its just beyond me how a woman would willing be dumb enough to have a loan in her name for an in law??

i have no hard feelings saying her credit/monetary issues are none of my concern