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SD23 said it with flowers

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Late yesterday afternoon (after DH had left for work), our neighbor accepted a delivery of flowers for me. A lovely bouquet with a card that said "I'm sorry, Aniki. Love, SD23".

Let's take a poll. 

  1. SD23 is sincerely sorry
  2. SD23 is only sorry that she might miss out on the annual Christmas money from DH





Pssssssst.... If you think it's think it's #1, I have some lovely oceanfront property for sale in Wyoming. Cheap!


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Man... this is why I always get F'ed over in life. My heart says- Oh, she is sorry, that is so sweet. She is going to try! 

But yeah... it's #2... 


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Your heart is in the right place, but SD23 is a mini BioHo. And money is their first love.

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Can't even bring herself to apologize in person, can she? 

I hope your smart hubby sees through this charade. 

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Gimmy, the first thing DH said was, "Did <insert name of man who has been in love with me for years> send those?"
Me: No. They're from SD.
DH. Wants Christmas money pretty damn bad, doesn't she?

Lord, I love that man!!! <3

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Your husband is a genius.  He knew it was #2 right away!  Even when it wasn't a multiple choice test!

Is he going to give her the Christmas money?

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DH is smart, he's sexy, he's got the big ol' hardworking man hands....sigh.

He has not yet decided. He's still considering if he wants to have Christmas at our home OR take the skids/gskids out for a Christmas dinner for a couple of hours. 

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Can yoiu give me some more info on that land.. sounds lovely.  I LOOOVE the beach. Smile

JK.. It's about a month till Christmas... she sure is transparent.

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Oh, ESMOD, you would luuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrvvvvvv it!!! 23 miles of beachfront and no neighbors for 100 miles. 

Very much so!

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Can you take the wedding gift route and get your husband to give her a gift card for the same cost as the flowers?...maybe from a store she’d never use...

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A present that's pretty but useless - like skids!

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some of us have skids that are DEFINITELY not attractive none the less pretty.

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Oh yes, we have also started receiving overtures from SD17. It's the yearly holiday gift grab, dontchyaknow? She will go back to being blessedly absent after December 25th.

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1 or 2 - do you really need to ask, lol?   Oceanfront in Wyoming - haha - even over here in England I do know a bit of geography lol!  

My SDs have started to be very attentive to DH, curioser and curioser - even gave him a card and present on his b'day last week, rather than at Xmas when they usually get around to it, ie 6 weeks late.  Could this attentiveness be anything to do with the fact that access to the Walking Wallet is coming to an end and NPD BM has lost all her money?  ROFL

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How cheap is this ocean front property Ani? I've been in the market for some in the Colorado/Wyoming area for a while now... Wink


It's 2!

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Aniki, you're asking the wrong question. The RIGHT question is "whose money did SD spend on those flowers?" You could also ask the follow-up question, "who wrote the grammatically correct 'apology' for her?"

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sry tht ud lk ths flrs

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Does being able to write and understand the 'Ho language make us bilingual? Want to make sure I update my resume appropriately.

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Hmmmmm... it wouldn't surprise me if she talked her boyfriend into giving her the money. If she did it in true BioHo fashion, she would have given him sex for cash...

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I'm not about to spend that much money on SD23! Maybe for a human muzzle that's fitted for her...

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Are the flowers with the few words enough of an apology? I would say not...

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"Aniki, I'm sorry I was a hostile, lying, accusatory, moneygrubbing twunt" would be acceptable...

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ok, ok...

Twunt is now my new favorite word. 

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Please, please, pretty please, get her flowers as her gift! Perhaps with a note that the ones you got were so lovely you're sure she picked them out herself and would appreciate the same gesture in return.

THEN you'd see if the sentiment was real.

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I'm not sure what she's apologizing for. Is  she finally apologizing for her shitshow behavior last Christmas or did I miss something?

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She's apologizing for anything that she may have said or done that will keep her from getting any Christmas dough. She's not picky about WHAT she is apologizing for, I'm sure.

Oh, there's a thought, give her raw cookie dough for Christmas. "Merry Christmas, here's your dough!"

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This is the early Christmas grovel attempt so she can get $$$ from DH. 

It's a CRAP attempt, but slightly impressive because she actually forked out money for a nice bouquet AND vase.

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ME ME dogs would have a blast Sage Grouse hunting on the beach in Wymoing....fantastic!  I've been waiting for this moment, all of my life :) 



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You and PA are gonna have to fight it out, banana! Then again, that property is soooooooo large, you could both live there and never see each other! Biggrin

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So..sticking with the plant theme, perhaps you could dedicate a tree in her name:

One of the testimonials on the home screen says: "We always receive copious thanks after sending one of these." Do you think you would get copious thanks...?


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Do you think you would get copious thanks...?

Only if it's a money tree!

Maybe a Memorial Tree for the loss of money... *diablo*

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At first I thought you wrote beach front and was trying to think of any nice big lakes in wyoming, but alas there is no longer an inland ocean since, oh the ice ages maybe?

And it will be another ice age before Feral Forger will get any presents from myself, my family. Perhaps she is hoping for a new couch to lay on this Christmas? Luckily shes lost her key so no christmas gift grabs like she used to.

Your skidling should perhaps try a bit HARDER? Like write a poem to go with those flowers:

       There once was a skid who was like her mother

       About things that were nice, she wouldnt bother

       And then, Lo - its holiday season

      Conveniently forgotten treason

      And once again she opens her hands to her Father!

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SD is like her mother, BioHo
For whom all men are money to go
'Ho's way was to "ball" it
'Til a man opened his wallet
Neither knows how to live 'po!

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Oh it's 1.

Im sure SD23 has suddenly gotten her life together.

Id like to purchase that ocean from property in Wyoming now as well. No need to see it. Lol

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Of course it's #1! After all, she now has a FT job AND a live-in boyfriend and is overflowing with love for the universe!