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Very O/T.

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So what is your opinion on the children that are being sent over the US border?

Should they stay? Should they be sent home? If they stay, should the families be able to come too?

Just your thoughts in general?


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I genuinely never agree with you on most things, but you are dead on with this. He left us wide open to this problem...

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I blame Obama. I blame him for everything. It rained yesterday and it was Obamas fault. Even though he blamed it on Bush. lol

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I am more worried about the trillions that Obama added to the debt. That drives me crazy. It also drives me crazy that people are not more freaked out about it.

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This is not a problem only attributable to Obama. This was also a problem under Bush.

It's a cycle that NEITHER party has been able to address sufficiently.

IMHO, what they are doing is illegal, and it should be treated as such, but done humanely. If they are allowed to break the law to get in the country, what example does that set for their future behavior? One of my law school professors told our class that the only way to fight what you consider an "unjust" law is to break it. And if that is what some people believe, so be it. But that same professor also said that you have to be prepared to live with the consequences of your actions.

Frankly, the issue is not that either party is "letting" people come in... it is that their countries suck so much that they want to.

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Sent home...We have our own citizens that need help. We can not be the salvation for every country. Look at Israel, they are handling it themselves. Just as these other countries should do.

Besides, we are in massive debt and China owns our ass. We need to work on that, not spending billions on this.

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send them home. it's just like a lot of step families! bad situations because the bios wont step up to the plate and handle/make decisions for their kids, but they expect someone else to fix it.

i understand the hardships they may be facing, but it's up to the adults to change their situations, not ship their kids elsewhere. their countries need to fix themselves- "not my kid, not my problem". and in a related note, if the US stopped sending soooooooo freaking much foreign aid to 'fix' other countries, we'd have more resources to fix a whoooole lotta shit here that REALLY needs to be fixed. "you cant care for others unless you take care of yourself first" comes to mind....


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I also think send the kids back ASAP. I think we should send ALL illegals back, then shut down the border. And THEN figure out what to do about the crossing.

It kind of amazes me that people would even think otherwise.

And my question is this...if it is so dangerous in that country for children to live there...why keep having kids? Are they having kids just to send them away to a different country?

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Not only that, but they likely do not have the same access to birth control as we do here in the United States.

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OMG ^^^ The American girls didn't come up because they are already citizens...It's a known fucking fact in south Texas, This is a discussion about citizenship and MEXICO, don't fucking play a racist card with me
YAY!!! I hate it when you have to be scared to say anything about ANYONE or you will be called a racist. Someone sure jumped on you quick for that!!

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As a LEGAL immigrant and now naturalized citizen, it irks me to no end knowing that the current regime is encouraging the youth (notice I didn't say children like the current Pravda-like media is proporting) to just cross the border because "congress isn't acting."

There are laws on the books which need to be enforced (not selectively enforced)
Other countries will throw you in jail and then deport you such as Mexico for crossing illegally

As a LEGAL immigrant, my family had to fill out paperwork, we had to get fingerprinted and report every year our whereabouts, thusly being issued a green card. We had to be PRODUCTIVE citizens with gainful employment, disease free and willing to obey the host country's laws.

What we have here is certain factions of the current regime pulling a Cloward-Piven. Many of these "children" are actually South American gang members with affiliations with Mexican Drug Cartels. Those who are reporting that these youth are crawling with lice and disease and their parents are paying $$$ to coyotes are being silenced.

Too bad the regime isn't paying as much attention to this as they did Cliven Bundy.

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I am also a legalized citizen. It bothers me that this is the way they feel they can circumvent our laws and procedures. Since some of the older youth are gang members, I feel like we are being invaded...with our POTUS's consent, almost.

I do feel badly that they are from a country that isn't stable but why are WE expected to fix that?

We also know from our step-situations that no matter how horrible it is with the bio-parent, they are fiercely loyal to them. How messed up are these kids going to be for the apparent abandonment from their parents, even if the parents think they have a good reason for doing so?

It really bothers me that the UN is contemplating calling them refugees and forcing our hand in the matter. It really bothers me that the Feds are circumventing STATE government and placing illegals in states without even notifying the governors of those states.

We have too much debt and too much previous obligations to just allow this to go unchecked. The foster system is already overtaxed. There already are states where the people collecting welfare outnumber the people working. We already have way too many homeless. We already have way too many veterans who aren't getting what was PROMISED to them.

Maybe some sort of compromise is the answer? Maybe the children 10 and under can stay but the older ones are deported? There has to be a VERY STRONG position shown on this or we will just be overrun, unfortunately. Our current "Commander in Chief" doesn't seem to want to do that.

Personally, I think that we could make a lot of our problems go away if we would recall all troops from where ever they are stationed. Have them help secure our borders. Change immigration laws to allow easier process for those who already have had green cards and can show they are working, etc. Use the remaining troops to convert our outdated (oil based) technologies to renewable resources. We have enough of our own oil to quit purchasing foreign oil until we got completely switched over (think solar paneled roads and electric vehicles). Legalize hemp (I know that cops don't like this because of marijuana but if Monsanto can feed us GMOs, then they can modify hemp to be purple or something) to use for producing building materials, clothing, oil, paper, etc etc etc. QUIT LETTING OUR COUNTRY BE RUN BY GREEDY CORPORATIONS (oil, timber and pharmaceutical companies, IMHO).

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And I say to those such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, if you are so concerned about erasing the borders, letting anyone come in, get on the freebies and become an undocumented voter, then house them yourselves! Surely a multi millionaire such as San Fran Nan could make a little room in one of her many mansions via her real estate mogul hubby.

Yeah, I thought so.

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Deport them along with massive quantities of birth control and televisions! That should help their birth rates.

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again, "not my kid, not my problem". it's their PARENTS problem, and the other adults responsible for their countries being in the conditions they are in.

they keep having babies- have they figured out what causes that? Blum 3

the immediate need of the children- give them temporary shelter, food and water until they can get sent back to their own home, where they again will become their parents' responsibility. the parents and other adults need to focus on fixing their issues and improving their situations- running away or shipping kids to someone else is NOT going to fix it.

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Which is a bunch of baloney seeing that it is Christians who are being persecuted in Islamic countries to no end.
But didn't you know TT. It is ok to persecute Christians and Americans. Sadly, Obama even has a lot of Americas apologizing for being Christians and Americans. Makes me sick.

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And they are discovering Camp Gitmo style Korans and prayer rugs left at the very same border as well.

Could it be that the Boko Haramites with their large, worldwide network are recruiting terrorists?

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We are treating the SYMPTOMS instead of the ROOT CAUSE of the illness.

My solution: legalize drugs in this country and treat drug addiction as an illness, the way alcoholism is.

The reason these kid's families are sending them to US is because of the drug trade in their countries. The drug cartels in these countries are the reason these kids are being sent to America. The families would rather send their children thousands of miles away from home so they will be safe.

Legalize drugs = no drug cartels = no children will be sent from these countries to escape the violence.

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Like I said, treat drug addiction like an illness, the same way alcoholism is treated.

Criminalizing drug use has not worked.

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I also heard that the drug cartels in Mexico were very upset about some of the states approving the use of marijuana. Cuts into their business.

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Simply having your country torn apart by the free-flow of weapons and drugs (mainly caused by U.S. demand and lack of regulation
Wait ...what!? You are saying that the US is the cause of the mess in these other countries? That really sounds like something Obama would say.

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He does have an extreme contempt for the United States and is "fundamentally changing" it.

I hope to see the movie "America" fairly soon. I love when "income inequality" is a topic coming from billionaire Oprah's lips. Where else in the world would she ever have this opportunity? Not even in Canada I dare say (and I am originally from Canada)

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This in addition to the MASSIVE amounts of foreign aid the U.S. sends to such countries.

And the hypocrisy of backing foreign oil in South America, yet wanting to be "green" in this country.

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People shouldn't be politicized.

That, in a nutshell, is what is destroying this country. LEFT/RIGHT, it doesn't matter. All they want (at least the crooked ones, i.e. MOST politicians) is to figure out ways to distract us and make us fight with each other instead of work together. They can sit on their butts and pursue a career in politics with better benefits even AFTER serving than most citizens could ever DREAM to have.

BOTH PARTIES SUCK and have made it so that having a viable third party candidate is almost impossible.

The reality of the situation in the United States is that we have more common ground than things we fight about - it is just the things that we fight about are so polarizing. But can't we still get along? I bet that you take the average American taxpayer - say 535 of them, same amount as Congress - and have them get paid to sit in a room together and hash out problems. But if they aren't solved within a certain amount of time, the amount we give you gets deducted. I bet you ANYTHING that people would think outside the box and compromise on issues and solve a LOT. Not just bicker and fight and then sit back and collect their salary and benefits such as our current Congress.

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If they're here legally, then they should stay.

If they are here illegally, they should be sent home.

If they are here legally, get citizenship status and can sponsor their family members so they become legal immigrants, I'm all for it.

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Though we have different opinions on this, I do appreciate your POV. You gave me something to think about.

Once again.....

Cause I'm thinking since I've been on this board, you've given me about a kajillion new perspectives. Smile

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Just a thought. If we are sending monetary aid to other countries then perhaps it should stop. In our own family situations when a child goes to a university elsewhere it is expected we will provide monetary aid to help fund them with the coverage for housing and other needs. If the person is no longer there then the money stops getting sent.

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I have to say I feel they should be sent back. I'm mexican american, 2nd generation in the USA. My family came here legally and never received any type of assistance. My great grandmother had 18 kids and never once received food stamps, medicaid, welfare. She and my grandfather worked very hard to provide for their families. Yes they were VERY poor because they didn't have an education and worked in min-wage jobs but they didn't take any hand outs. People need to go about it the right way. Yes it's lengthy but that's the way it is. I'm not educated on the ways of other countries but I'm sure you're not able to just mosey on over and take up residency elsewhere and receive all the benefits you do here. The US makes it too easy and that's a shame. I'm all for people from other countries moving here to try to achieve that "American dream" just how my great grandparents did but there is a process that needs to be followed. IMO.