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O/T. I'm putting Chef on a diet

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And he has agreed to it!  It is the same diet I was on last year for approximately 3 to 4 months and it is grueling.  Chef is very competitive so I will be on the same diet.  He is starting to look like he is 9 months pregnant! LOL

I have a seminar for work which is in Key West late next month and Chef will be going with me;  he has noticed the photo calendar they sent out last year in which I attended and he didn't.  For the most part the people around our age are quite slim and take care of themselves.  The younger ones not so much.

This should be interesting because he will have to give up booze for a few weeks and that is his major vice along with carbohydrates which are verboten other than vegetables.

Ladies and gentlemen start your popcorn... I mean veggies.

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Maybe you should share this diet so we can all compete with Chef. Get those competitive juices flowing!

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It's basically Keto