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You can't make this stuff up

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So I get home from work. SO isn't there but started packing and had to run out for a bit.

YSD has not packed a thing and is in the kitchen making a small buffet. I walk in and she immediately starts with her disrespectful mouth. I tell her to get her things because she is leaving today. I do not have to tolerate her behavior and I will not tolerate her behavior in my house. I told her she is starting to act just like her sister and it's a shame she doesn't learn from her sisters mistakes.

She proceeded to face time her sister who was being all gangster over the phone and wanted YSD to hand me the phone so she could give me a peice of her mind. I proceeded to ignore both of them and YSD knows well enough to not dare come near me. 

I go in my room and text SO to come get his f'ing daughter now and get her out of my house immediately. In the meantime YSD proceeds to take her rations she has arranged tand barricades herself in her room.

This girl really does not believe she is leaving and is prepared to stay as if I am going to just give up and tolerate her shit.

SO arrives and takes the door off her room and tells her to get out they are leaving. She absolutely refuses and is ready to fight him. She is not a small girl. I tell her I don't know what she thinks she is doing but this is my house and she cannot just stay here because she wants to.

So I call the police to remove her. SO is mortified and embarrassed but being completely supportive. The police come and get to meet this lovely child and tell SO Thier is something deeply disturbed about her and that normal kids don't act this way. 

They make sure YSD leaves she is refusing to leave with her father because she knows he is beyond furious. So her older half sister comes to get her and will bring her to the grandparents. 

Simultaneously as this is occurring OSD is at grandma's and has been nothing but vile and abusive towards her grandparents. OSD is making demands of grandma and she tells her flat out no. OSD calls the cops on grandma! 

The cops come, grandma calls the mother and she absolutely refuses to get OSD. But this is why I just love grandma!! Grandma proceeded to tell the Officers of the elder abuse she and her husband have endured and that OSD can not be in her home and since SO will be living there she will have to go an stay with her mother.

The cops call BM and tell her she cannot refuse to take her child and they forced her come get her. I advised Grandma to get an OOP this way BM can't just drop her off at her doorstep whenever she wants to and since SO is living there OSD will be BMs problem. 

YSD is completely screwed up in the head after everything she is texting SO apologizing as if that will make up for everything she has done. I give SO props he didn't even answer her back. 


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What gives with these kids. Mine acted like it is their home and not mine also. Ugh. Sorry you had so much drama today 

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OMG. It is hard to believe how out of control these kids are. Small wonder no one wants them. Good for you for not accepting any more of their crap. And kudos to grandma for booting OSD. I hope she sticks to her guns. Who technically has legal/physical custody of these ferals?

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More blood boiling here on your behalf.  The gall of those two kids.

Please tell me you have a massage or some other type of calming session booked for yourself after you get them out of the house.  It's close to medically required self help.

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Can I ask - why is Grandma allowing SO to live there? Why can't he live on his own? At some point, the police will tell him HE has to come get his kids when BM dumps them somewhere and they won't care if Grandma has an OOP - they will expect him to get a hotel.  Can he not afford to live on his own?  Seems like he needs to put on his big boy pants and start living on his own and caring for his kids.

Good call on your part, though - all of it.  This is how you use the police to deal with an out of control kid, but many parents are too embarrassed to do it.

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OSD doesn't want to live with SO she will keep running away as she has been. She wants to live with BM. BM deserves to reap what she sows and to be honest if OSD gets dumped by BM she needs to go to residential placement she is completely out of control. 

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I get that, but why can't he live on his own? It's not BM's responsibility to care for the kids on her own, and you know she won't. 

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Yeah, I'm also wondering why a man can't get his own place and afford to raise his own kids.....

Why does he get to inflict his kids on nice women and old people?

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Because he knows he can't leave them unsupervised at all and his mother is his only resource for supervision when he is at work. A daycare would not take these kids.

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WT actual F?! Talk about taking the trash out! Jeez-o-petes. My blood pressure went up reading I am so glad you're free of this BS, but man that's some serious drama-queen level chaos right there. I hope you're spending some time on self-care and allowing yourself to grieve this ridiculous situation. I know I would probably be stuck at anger for a very long time! ROFL

I also want to know why your SO can't get a place on his own? Especially with kids still at home. Granted, he's not actually raising them, but that makes it more important for him to have a separate space so their crazy doesn't affect others. I feel bad for grandma here and I don't see this ending well, for any of them. But at least you're free! Biggrin

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What the hell? A kid barracading herself in a room within a home that is NOT hers. And then refusing to leave. A bit late to cry now. You've helped ruin a great living situation and relationship. 

Wicked, what are your thoughts on how this will all pan out? With that girl out of your home, you will re-discover peace and security. You get your sanctauary back (that's what I call my home). Do you think you and SO can make this work, living apart? Those daughters will always be there....ugh. I do wish you all the best. You deserve it.

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I don't know how things will be for me and SO. I am happy that me doing this to him has brought him into the light. SO, myself and his mother talked after everything happened and for the first time ever did I hear him verbalize his anger and disgust with Thier behavior towards me and his mother.  No excuses for them, no minimizing what happened. 

He had to face the public embarrassment of it all and decide if this is how he wants to live.

The question is now what is he going to do about it. 

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Idk if i've said this before but your SDs remind me of the "Cash Me Ousside" girl from Dr. Phil. You can not live with this mess. 

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I was picturing the same.. of course she is. Getting promoted all over the internet that the minute into her 18th birthday made an only fans and made over a million dollars in like 6 hours. 

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Just wow.

I am glad that you are getting them out of your home. I have gone back and read some of your posts over the last year, I can't believe you have put up with them (SO included) for this long.

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Your turn to get an OOP. Perhaps when your SO doesn't have anywhere else to turn he'll figure out his own problems.

Also, you need to take care of yourself. This is insane, and you don't need to deal with it. I know SO is moving out, but you need to be asking if this is something you want to deal with long-term. These girls will likely be problematic for years.

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Yeah, nothing will change when they turn 18, 21, 35, etc., unless they are forced to clean up their acts. 

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Wicked, it feels like you are still protecting your SO a bit.  I'm not sure you see just how culpable he is in all this. 

He has chosen to not protect you.

He has chosen to not parent his daughters, and now it appears that he is unable to do that on this own as an actual, functioning father.  He's dragging his mother into it instead of making the hard choices to either parent or seek professional support for his wildly ill daughters.

Moving out is a good step, but I think you really need to consider how this is going to go.  You have your own son to protect and I really don't see your SO stepping up as hard as what is needed with these kids. 

He's not a victim in all this, he is a perpetrator.

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I feel for your boyfriend - I really do. But YOU are the innocent victim here, not him. He had a hand in turning these girls into the monsters they are. Sure, BM had a lot to do with it, but if your boyfriend is a victim, he's a victim of his own bad choices, poor parenting and laziness/avoidance. I know from your blogs that you recognize that. And him turning on you and gaslighting you - ever - is reprehensible in light of all you've done for him and his kids.

I'm glad you're reclaiming your peaceful life and choosing what's right for your son. Please don't let pity for your boyfriend keep you in his dysfunctional world. You're better off with them far away.

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So much this. 

Your DH is the problem here. He allowed his daughters to run amok. He allowed you to be abused. You are way to soft on his culpability for your situation. He should have moved out when OSD started her nonsense. You should not have had to force the issue.


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pack their sh*t....put it outside and change the locks.  Period....where your SO has to live is not your problem.  SO is big boy..time to put on the big boy pants and nut up.  Sorry to be harsh...but the minute I have to call the cops to have a kid removed from MY the exact minute both their shit is packed and out.  My f' with that..your out.    Your SO is still hoping you will cave and feel sorry for him.  Nope..he had hand in creating those monsters...and now he can live with them.


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Trust me I have seen this is a level of dysfunction I cannot live with, not now, not ever. 

I have absolutely no intentions of allowing either one of those two kids back inside my house. If SO and I stay together, I do not know the answer to that question.

So much has happened I have to process through it all one step at a time. But first focused on finding my peace again.