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Let the games begin.

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I'm not sure what's up with me recenty. I think that I've just gotten to the point of where I'm on edge constantly and ready to explode over any little thing.

Christmas morning went pretty well other then SD being a drama queen first thing in the morning. Once we got to the presents all of her symptoms seemed to disapear.

I got SD this giant dollhouse that I knew she would flip out about so after we all opened all of our gifts I was determined to get it put together before she left for BM's house.

I set everything out in the living room and started on getting it setup. DH comes out and starts complaining about how now he can't set the WII up because I'm in the way and he wanted SS to play his new skylander game. I told DH that it wouldn't take me that long and to just let me finish. DH came out a couple of more times to complain about it after that.

After I got the doll house put together and moved into SD's room DH sets up the WII. As he's doing this my BD asks if she can play. (I bought her a couple of characters as a gift.) DH then starts lecturing her about how she needs to share and if SS doesn't want to share then he doesn't have to because my BD doesn't share.

I kept my mouth shut, but I can assure you that this p!ssed me off. First off, the only kid that I have seen my BD not share with in the house is SD. SD spent the first two years of DH and I being together being a bully to my BD so if my BD chooses not to share with her I don't force. SD has a lot of bridge building she has to do with my BD Second, my BD shares her DS with SS all of the time. In fact she has had to come to me on numerous occassions because SS won't give it back to her after he's played the stupid thing for a long time. Third, my BD won a chocolate coin in school for some artwork. You want to know what she did with that? She saved it and put it into a brown paper bag that decorated for SS and SD for Christmas. (She was so proud of herself.) When she gave it to them for Christmas as her gift to them and told them that they needed to split it they pretty much snubber her and didn't even say thank you.

After my BD cae home from her grandmother's house we played a game of battle ship with the new talking movie version that my BD really wanted for Christmas. Of course DH true to form gets upset during the game because I messed up. Maybe not upset but it's the way that he talks to me. It's like he thinks that I'm stupid.

After that I pretty much had it. It p!sses me off to no end that he lectured my BD on Christmas about not using his son's new toys because she needs to share when in reality she's always sharing with him. Whys does it always have to be about SS. I just don't get it and I'm getting really fed up with it.

Oh and the skylander game is going to be a nightmare. SS and SD pretty much fought the whole time they were supposed to be playing together and by fighting I mean screaming and crying.

Would any of you be irratated to with whole thing? Maybe my nerves are a little raw after everything that has happened recently.


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Read my blogs I am going through the same thing. Dh sees every flaw of my 2 sons and disciplines them for it. Sd11? Nope gets away with murder

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I'm just going to get my BD one of the WII skylander portals. That's all she needs. She already has three guys and the characters are really not that expensive.

When I told DH this last night he asked me if I was planning on buying a WII. You see, the WII is his. So I guess the way it works in DH's mind is that his son is the only one who is allowed to have a spylander's portal and use it on his WII and if I purchase another portal for my BD to use then I'm not allowed to use it on his WII. I really dislike SS at the moment. It's not that I really dislike SS I dislike that fact that SS is DH's everything and everyone else comes in last because, and I quote, "SS is the only one that shows DH unconditional love." Puke. Whatever. Maybe if anybody else got a chance we could show DH that too. Or better yet, maybe if he actually opened his eyes up he would see that SS is far from perfect and is by no means well behaved. But what would I know.

I am freaking sick of it.

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Oh and I have no clue why DH thinks that SS shows him unconditional love. This is the same kid that spit in his face, has screamed at him, embarassed him in public mlutiple times, called him names, and almost killed my BD, SD, me and himself. DH just thinks that because SS is always sitting with him that he's showing him unconditional love.

The thing is that DH showers him with endless attention while everybody else is just there. The kid has been so spoiled and sheltered by DH that he's emotionally stunted. I mean when SD is messing with him instead of using words he makes this screaming sound. I just don't get it but if DH wants an emotionally immature child because he shows him unconditional love go for it. I can hang out with my BD and do stuff with her instead of watching that train wreck.

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What's the point of rasing hell? I did it after I had had enough and that was later in the evening after the battle ship moment. All DH did was go to bed so there really isn't a point to it.

I didn't ask DH for any help with SD's doll house. I found it, purchased it, and wrapped it. It was my gift to SD and I wanted to put it together. DH didn't even care. It was all about SS needing to play him new game and I was in the way putting together SD's house.

It didn't matter any ways because once he got the game setup SS and SD just p!ssed DH off to the point where he changed the game because they can't manage to do anything without fighting, screaming, and crying. And by anything I mean they can't even sit next to each other without it turning into a fight or without it getting physical between the two of them.

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So Ss and SD were allowed to play the Wii, but bd was not. She was punished, not for a specific transgression, but a general feeling dh has that she doesn't share enough.

And you didn't say anything to defend her?

It would be one thing if dh had said this is ss's gift and he can play it alone today. But how can he/you justify letting all the kids play but your daughter... When she didn't do anything wrong?

And now he's saying that your daughter isn't EVER allowed to play the Wii because its his, and that you need to buy her one for herself?

Do you really believe that he isn't being a bully?

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DH did let my BD play. He wanted to make sure that SS got to play with it first, which is fine. As he was getting SS setup on the Wii he was lecturing my BD about the sharing issue he thinks that she has.

SD and SS played the skylander game together after SS and my BD played it first. Now did SS and SD get to play it longer? Yes they did because my BD was coming home from her grandparents later in the evening while SS and SD were staying at their mother's for the evening.

He made the Wii comment after I told him that I was going to buy a portal of power for my BD so she can play the game with the little characters that I got her instead of SS dictating who can play. (That's a nightmare all in it's own and how DH doesn't see that I have no clue.)

What DH was doing, because he knows that I can't afford to buy a Wii, was being an a$$. It's all about control for him in a situation like that. Why I have no clue. He wants SS to have the control so when I told him what I intended to do it took the power away from SS which in turn took the power away from DH. So in order to get the power back he made that comment.

Ladies, I've gotten to the point with DH that I really don't care anymore. If he wants to play the what's mine is mine and what's yours is yours thing we can do it. He's not the only one who purchases stuff.

I'm going to purchase a portal for my BD in order to avoid the uneccassary fighting that I see in the future with all of the kids as well as do it to avoid all the fights DH is about to pick with me over it. I'm done with it. If he doesn't like it then so be it. I'm not playing the power struggle game with him.

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No I didn't talk to my BD about it. I just kept my mouth shut because it was Christmas. I brought it up after she went to bed. And to the best of my knowledge DH does not bully my BD. I would not tolerate that at all and DH knows it. He won't even yell at her. (That's usually how he parents his kids. They push an they push and they push until he's screaming.)

I'm just fed up with DH always favoring SS. I'm sick of him punishing my BD using SS because my BD doesn't really care for SD. She was a horrid little terror to my BD for years which is why I don't force her to do things like share with her. I just my BD know when she chooses not to share that if she wants to play with one of SD's toys (which will never happen because SD is a girly girl and my BD is a tom boy) that SD can tell her no too.

You see, DH knew that my BD loves video games so he decided to punish my BD for not sharing with SD by using a toy that he got for SS. My BD shares with SS all of the time, which DH denied last night, so I'm not really seeing the point in everything other then DH is just being an a$$ to my BD. That's why I just want to buy her a portal so she can play the game and DH can just get over it. But nope. DH will not allow that. Only SS can have this game. It gives SS power, which after all of his behavior recently I really don't think it's a good thing but DH can do whatever he wants. I really don't care anymore.

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I wouldn't say that he doesn't care about his BD. SS is his favorite, which DH will deny but actions speak louder then words. Didn't anybody tell you that SS is the only one that shows DH unconditional love and for that reason SS will always come first. His feelings, his needs, and his wants will always trump all others for the rest of our lives.

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Another thing just occured to me. Both SS and SD can't manage to share so why was my BD singled out. Why didn't DH say anything to SD about not sharing? Just a thought.