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Christmas Bliss <insert sarcasm>

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I am so frustrated with SD's mom and her extravagent gift giving for the holidays that I finally sent her an email saying that SD (5) should just keep all her fancy gifts over by her mom's house. The problem is, SD's mom has the nerve to say that my younger kids can't touch or play with certain toys! IMO, then don't send them over here in the first place!! I damn sure don't want to play police over your precious little toys that you got for your daughter. I'm sorry but if the roles were reversed and my children were going to a second home with their Christmas toys you'd be damn sure that I'd have a talk with them that they have to share them with their brothers and sisters over there if they had them.

Not to mention she just makes us look bad. She only has the one daughter, while we have three over here. So she spoils the crap outta her, (buying a 5 year old a nintendo DS AND a Wii game system is over the top in my opinion) and we look like the poor parents who don't "love" her as much.