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Christmas Day

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DH was so "paranoid" about "poor SS" only having two things to open he went out and bought $80 worth of Nintendo Wii skylander crap for SS for Christmas.  I couldn't return the damn Lego's I got him because it was an online special.  I don't know why I bother.  I was getting into the Christmas spirit I guess and I naively thought that 1,600 Lego's was a fine Christmas gift and wouldn't require any overspending on DH part.  Stupid me.

DH seems to forget that my mom and his family buy SS gifts every year without fail, so this Christmas "Poor SS" had over 18 gifts to open on top of a used Nintendo Wii-U and 3 games gifted from a cousin that he wasn't using.  The Wii-U alone is a $300 gaming system. Nobody else in the family got anything.  "Poor SS" indeed. 

SIL had messaged us that she was coming over around 10 a..m. with a "van that resembled a clown-car".  We are confused because she originally stated her head count was only three people.  We ask her to elaborate but she doesn't respond, so we start picking up the house and setting the table.

At 10:30 SIL arrives with her husband and son. ( 3 people as stated) 

And her DD who was supposed to have visitation with her dad that day but "changed her mind" once she discovered we were hosting and SS would be with us.

And SIL's SS from her other marriage.(still trying to figure that one out since they are divorced and it's her Ex's teen son, no relation)

And MIL.

And a cousin from out-of-state who we were told left on Christmas Eve.

Oh and you can't forget the dog, I guess the dog has to come too.

So now her head-count of 3 has turned to 7 plus large dog.

MIL usually never comes over unless she wants something from DH.  Sure enough, five minutes after arrival she is asking DH for cigarettes again (she used all her supply and there were five days left of the month before her government assistance came in) so there went half his cigarette rolling supplies to get her through until January.  Merry Christmas you friggin Mooch. I swear she never comes over unless she gets something from DH.  Thanks to the unexpected guests we have to leave to find an open store to find more pancake mix.  Nothing is open here on Christmas Day so we had to stop at about 5 gas stations to find some.  DH is apologizing in the car, saying he had no clue SIL was bringing more people.

The Original Plan: 

the 6 of us sitting at the table eating pancakes and listening to Christmas music, followed by a Christmas movie or two with coffee and cookies, then hopefully everyone would leave so SS could open his gifts with us and have a little time to play.  Rude to have everyone here and watch spoiled SS open his many gifts while everyone watches.

What Actually Happened:

SS decides he doesn't want pancakes, he wants waffles.  Out comes the waffle maker.  Now everyone wants waffles and the kids want to make own waffles.  Bye-bye clean kitchen. 

Thanks to the extra guests we couldn't sit at the table.  SIL and her family all sat at our table with out-of-town cousin.  Our table only seats six so MIL, DH, SS, and myself ate in the living room on the couch. 

SIL dog pees on floor and on the guest bed in the basement, $250 memory foam topper we got with wedding money two years ago now ruined.   Only good part was that it was a 5 inch+ foam topper so it saved the mattress underneath. No offer of replacement from SIL.  Blankets thrown in the wash immediately.

Everyone complains our house is too cold so DH cranks the heat up to 72.  Bye bye average monthly billing decrease.

I have started drinking my "safety bottle" of wine that I hid on the porch.  The kids want to open gifts.  Thank god SIL brought her family some gifts from home and added them to the "pile", because all of the gifts under our tree were for SS.  Nobody got us anything but I think SIL kids were a little miffed as the gifts were being passed and every time they grabbed one it seemed to be for SS.  MIL was panicking because nobody knew SIL's SS was coming.  She wanted to "borrow" some cash to put in a card for him.  Luckily we didn't have any and DH wasn't willing to go to the ATM.

The kids ran off to play with SS new game system.  After a few hours SIL wants to get "family pictures" so all of us get in our "groups" to get pics taken.  SS refuses to smile in all of them, stands in between us or in front of DH with a bored/kill-me-now expression on his face.  In over 8 years we don't have a single "family picture" of us with SS smiling.  If it's just DH and SS he will smile, as soon as I get in the pic NOPE.  DH is now pissed and after SS goes back in his room to play claims that SS is being "coached by BM" and he is going to give her a piece of his mind.  MIL talks him down, says it's not worth it.

Everyone finally leaves at 7:30, and DH has to rush SS to have him home at the drop off time 8 p.m...

Kitchen is a disaster, SS room is a disaster, living room looks like gift-wrap exploded, DH still in a mood over pictures.

I finished over half the bottle of wine, threw the urine-soaked memory foam outside in the back, and went to bed.







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All of them are so freaking rude. Please tell me when you woke up the next day, your husband had started cleaning things up OR was amazingly helpful cleaning up the house!!

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that was the only good part in it, I had a little leftover wine and thanks to grandma plenty of leftover friggin christmas cookies.  DH and I teamed up and got the house straightened.  Not as good as before they all showed up, but tons better than it was.

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Your SIL is a beeyotch. How bloody rude!

I would have sold those Legos ANYWHERE. SS had more than enough crap. And I would have consumed the entire bottle of wine!

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She needs that book a lot sooner than next Christmas.

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Shows up with her dog and it pees all over the place and she just stands there and I have to clean it up.