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UPDATE to 45 tardies

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If you need the first installment, it’s in my last blog post. So here’s the update:

It left off with DH texting BM about the tardies and how she needs to get SD to school on time. BM never responded and that’s not because she didn’t get the text (she’s played that game before). DH knew she didn’t have anything to say, aka, couldn’t make up a good enough lie/excuse. 

SD’s back to school night was yesterday. We’re sitting there listening to each teacher give their spiel. Then the school social worker said a few words. DH and I looked at each other because we were both surprised the school had one. 

At the end of the night the principal said a few words and included how important it was for students to not miss school and to get there on time. DH and I looked at each other again.

After it was over, DH said he wanted to talk to with the principal about the 45 tardies in just the second semester. (Yay DH! Take initiative!) I didn’t hear the start of the conversation because I was chatting with another parent/former coworker, but when I look over the social worker is standing with them too. Both of them seemed surprised about the number of SD’s tardies and asked DH if he had received any communication from the school. The principal mentioned maybe something being sent to BM and DH made a comment about that’s why he didn’t know. I don’t think the principal knows that BM takes her to school 99% of the time. We’ve taken SD a couple times (when we’re on break and she isn’t) and always get her there early.

I don’t know that there was any real resolution to the conversation, but DH really just wanted to put it on their radar.

SD kept asking DH why he was talking to the principal and the social worker. DH crafted a text saying something about her academic success, blah blah blah. SD texts back with crazed text speak (you could tell she was livid) about how he doesn’t know how to check attendance online and that you need and iPad app to do it (not true) and that “stepmom” knows how to do it and must have showed him (true, but she doesn’t need to know that). He comes back calmly that he was able to login through his email (true). She didn’t really have anything to say after that. Blum 3

Adding to this, BM isn’t happy with DH because he’s had to change the visitation schedule. He let her know well in advance and that he contractually obligated to be at work extra hours on certain days. I actually heard BM say (in front of SD), “you need to figure this out because I can’t have her this much during the week.” WHAT?!? It’s the same amount of time it was before, just different days. BM is just aggravated because it’s inconveniencing her. Well honey, karma’s a b*tch!

I'm glad DH isn’t putting up with this BS.



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“you need to figure this out because I can’t have her this much during the week.”

Does she not understand what being a custodial parent is??? She wanted her, wouldn't let your DH take over and properly parent and now she can't deal with her? Oh... but I am sure that she enjoys that CS!

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Well, you know what she thinks being a custodial parent is? $$$

I wonder what she really does for SD sometimes. Usually the new shoes SD shows up in have been purchased by her half brother (BM’s oldest) or his GF. 

SD has also disclosed that she keeps her money in a locked box so that BM doesn’t get it. 

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And she was never married to her son’s father. (I’m not judging, I’m just stating facts.)

I know it takes 2 to get pregnant, but DH was trying to make it right by putting a ring on it. (Which apparently some of his family members were not too crazy about.)

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Jeez, I can understand kid had 2, you thought it was 1, maybe kid was messing around in the halls before home room, but this is crazy.  The school would have called her.  Where I live, they would be calling CPS.

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If the school did contact anyone, it was BM. The school has DH’s contact info, but if they don’t contact both parents when they are divorced, who knows?

I told DH he needs to tell the school that they need to contact BOTH parents in matters like this. Years ago when SD got sick at school, he would only be contacted after BM couldn’t be reached. He’d then have to leave work to get her (BM wasn’t working lunch shifts either, so who knows where she was).