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Skid-free weekend...taking bets!

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It's Friday and "BM's weekend." I feel like designated weekends are only for show because we usually end up with SD at some point every weekend. I know we definitely won't have her tonight or tomorrow because her school is having a "formal" dance. *eyeroll* (This is middle school, btw.)

But I'm taking bets on if we have her Sunday. Whether it's DH's weekend or not, he always seems to want to get her on Sunday after church. I don't know why because these visits always remind him that he only wants to be around her for short periods of time. WAIT!   Unless he's thinking he'll get her then because it's only for a few hours! I much rather him just stick to the schedule instead of turning my Sunday evenings every week into a grumpfest. 

I'm not a betting gal, but I bet the odds are high that SD will be gracing us with her presence on Sunday. 


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If SD comes on Sunday make plans and leave. If your H can't stick to a schedule I'd do my own thing and leave him to it. 

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I might do that, but only for a few hours. Breastfeeding has me on a short leash. *biggrin*

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As you are on that short leash I'd be" Hi Byeing" it with skid IF he gets her after church.And letting H know before Sunday if he gets her he can entertain ,feed etc skid or plan to take her where ever ..a ride ,to themall(is that still a thing..are there malls left? lol) anywhere but stuck up your butt. 

What's with the bioho that she won't  have/keep  her child on her CO time? More importantly your H has  a case of  Dadddee Guilt ,imo.

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If SD shows up, you go somewhere. With the baby.  Even for a car ride, to a indoor mall. Baby store.  Let DH take care of his kid 

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My DH always had this thing where he just had to have the SKs every damn day. We had 50/50, but given the times of pick-ups and drop-offs, we had the SKs in some form every fucking day. It wasn't enough for DH. He wanted them actually at our house for hours at a time every damn day. When our DD19 was born, my leaving didn't change. I still left the house. I would take DD and go on adventures with her. It was difficult to figure out breast feeding while out somewhere, but I'd find places to hide to breastfeed. Anything to not be at home with the out of control, attention whores.