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Happy Labor Day

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....Bonus points if it's a paid holiday; if it's an obnoxious skid-free day; if it's an annoying Disneyland-bio-parent-free Labor Day lol!

Enjoy your peace and have a restful, labor-free Labor Day Smile


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Well, husband is fishing and skid is in her room, but luckily no dramz there. Im outside on the back patio watering my plants, contemplating where I want to go today Biggrin

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Spoke too soon. SD17 Ps has high blood pressure and had "racing heartbeat attack" last night. So husband gave her aspirin and avalium. Ugh. Shes heavy and doesnt do anything besides attend high school. Shes not at all healthy and I dont think she ate anything, so there you go. We still ended up dancing by the ocean.

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7 days a week, scrape, paint, caulk.  Rental rehab.  Chef has projects booked out to the end of 2024!

On a brighter note, 4 more months til the last of Chef's ne'er do well spawn gets off the dole.  Aka the Girhippo's last reverse ransom payment.  Twenty loooonnng years (CS goes to 21 here in BM-centric NYS).  They divorced when the HousesHitter was a toddler.

Although employed full time, YSS stb 21 is still living with the Mothership and StepDaddyBigBucks.

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For so many toxic CP Xs.

I have no doubt that my XW's Grandpa Sugar/Baby daddy cheat buddy who knocked her up before she moved out of our marital home came to this realization.  Fortunately, I avoided getting hooked into those payments myself.

There are regular instances on STalk where Skidults of failed parents follow the model they see and look to hook some less than discerning person for 20-ish or more years of an income.

I cannot accept that people do not know, or at least expect, that they are making a poor choice in having a child.  I get the first one being a whoops. I had a whoops myself my freshman year of Uni.  She chose to terminate the pregnancy. After that... I was a 100% wrap it befoe you tap it and no glove no love guy.  Unless I was as close to 100% positive that my lovers was on the pill or other durable BC.  

It amazes me how many have another baby to try to sace a lost cause relationship thinking it is a good idea.

Plan your Spawn pay off party and have a blow out celebration.... in 4mos.



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Just more job search, sneaking up behind my beautiful bride working from home since it is Extension tax season, to get in a little gratuitous necking.

Binge watching Blue Bloods.

Will call the kid, and my parents.

Then... will cook some dinner and clean the kitchen.

Sounds like a non event, but.... I am doing with the right person.

Happy Labor Day STalkers.