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SS thinks he so smart!!

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So last night OSS knocked on our bedroom door and asked for a bottle of water. I told DH that he still has two full bottles of water in his room. So DH told SS to drink the two bottles of water that are in his room and then he can have another bottle of water. SS says "what are you talking about I don't have any bottles of water in my room". So this morning when I get up there is two empty bottles of water in the trash.

Sure enough the brat dumped the two bottles of water he had in his room. I told DH that SS dumped the water and threw the empty bottles in the trash. I am like why does he think it's ok waste water because it doesn't go bad within a week. Of course DH says well maybe he drank the water bottles. I said well then if he drank the bottles of water then why is he asking for another one right after.

This kid has no respect or regard for anyone else. I mean I am the only one working right now and he just wants to waste things. It's the principle of it! I know a bottle of water doesn't really cost anything. The brat just thinks he can deceive any adult because both of his parents let him get away with it.


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Stop buying bottled water? Unless you live in Flint...why keep buying it? Stop buying anything that isn't absolutely necessary until he's working again. 

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I don't think that SS thinks he so smart, he'c counting on you two to be stupid about his water habit.  

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I am with beebeel - unless you live in Flint, the tap water you're drinking is perfectly acceptable.  I have never understood why people buy something they can get from the tap for free.  In addition to creating all kinds of environmental issues, it's a huuuuuuge waste of money.

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Where do you think water in the water fountains at school comes from?

Or water in restaurants?


Definitely NOT mean.

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Me either! I'm fine with tap water, but when I moved in with SO and his kids, they will only drink bottled water. If we run out, no one drinks water (seriously) until someone buys bottled water. My BF will say, did you buy bottled water? I say, no, I don't really care about it and I never used to buy it, so I rarely remember. It is kind of annoying.

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You don't drink it, why should YOU buy it. HIS kids drink it... why didn't HE buy it? 

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If he wants it he is going to buy it from now often. I told him I am not playing these games anymore

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My DS and MSD occassionally bought bottled water when they lived with us. I don't care what they do with their own money but I don't buy it. We have like 50 reusuable water bottles at our house. Not even kidding, my DD has an obsession with them. I like ice cold water so I use a knock off YETI cup and the ice lasts all day. It's amazing. 

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Quit buying bottled water. get him a refillable cup with a lid. less ocean plastic in the long run and nixes the argument. if he loses his new cup it's on him.

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Definitely stop buying bottled water. It is unnecessary (except in certain locations).

Man, I wish I would have come up with the idea of selling bottled water. What a scam.

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Scam indeed.

Evian water.... ever try spelling Evian backwards?

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There are all kinds of wrong here.

How old is your SS?
Why does he need to come to your bedroom for water?
Can he not get a glass from the tap in the kitchen or a bottle from the fridge?
Is he incapable of helping himself?
Or did he do that purposely to interrupt you and intrude on you in your private space?

Buying platic bottled water or wasting water is bad (environmentally).
Especially since it is a cost and you are the only person working.

Is your home is in an area with bad tap water, because normally anyone will be ok with  drinking tap water.
Water in plastic bottles is equally bad and chemically laden.

Unless the water is in a glass bottle, and necessary because your municipal water is bad, plastic bottle water is really horrendous to drink on an ongoing basis.

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He is 13 and I keep everything that I do not want to get wasted in our room which is why SS came and knocked on the door and asked for a bottle of water. Both of the skids are spoiled and waste things so I started keeping everything in my room. If I didn't keep food and drinks in my room I would be going to the store every other day. But like I said he is deceitful and fake however, I don't think that he was trying to interrupt or intrude on my private space. I honesty think he just wanted a bottle of water and didn't want to drink the ones that he already had.

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also - water in purchased water bottles that has been opened and left CAN and does go bad - basically bacteria from your mouth and from the atmosphere can get in the water and breed - especially if it's been left in a warm and sunny location. You shouldn't drink week old water from an opened bottle - and even with rinsing and re-filling you shouldn't re-use plastic water bottles indefinitely. 

We drink tapwater at home, but buy bottled water when we're out - and I especially - buy fizzy water when out - since I don't drink soda or juice. I try to reuse the bottles for a while and then recyle them as I don't trust them after a while. 

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I am just not buying the water any more since the kid has no concept and doesn't care about wasting money. I told my DH that he can figure out what he wants to do with his kid and what he eats and drinks.