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so DISGUSTED with sd >:(

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yesterday, bd3 went into sd11's bedroom and came out with 2 empty (so i thought) prescription pill bottles. at a closer glance i saw they were filled with (what i thought) was water. when i dumped it out, the odor coming from it was so nasty i threw up right there in the kitchen sink.

it was pee. that had been in those containers for 2 WEEKS!!!!!!

2 weekends ago, sd11 and ss11 each had a friend spend the night. a rarity for sd11 who always screws things up for herself. anyway, apparently the girls didnt want to disturb us in the middle of the night so they peed in the containers. and sd11 claims she 'forgot'.

so, bf does nothing but tells her that is yucky and never do it again. i swear i wanted to smash her face in my puke to teach her a lesson. if bd3 would have opened it and gotten 2week old pee on her....

so im thinking that sd11 may need some sort of psycho therapy.

oh, and the friend denies doing it. i beleive her cause theres no way each girl could have just that small amount of pee. and sd11 doesnt even care.

i would have expected it from ss11 and HIS friend, being boys, but noooo it was sd11, who is actually more disgusting than a boy.

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So you're saying the kid did this alone. I.e. its the SD's pee alone and of course she knew she did it.

Well she did one stupid thing and by itself is normal behavoir. Stupid but normal, hey, she's eleven right? Its entirely possible she did just forget. As for therapy Dad's the best one to deal with that and that would depend on the whole picture not this one incident.


It may be that 50 years from now the only important thing you did in this life is to be important in the life of a kid.

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are you kidding me?

wonder what she planned to do with that?

egads !!!

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hmm..pee in a container. and not just regular pee, totally rancid,stagnant pee. If I were you I'd sleep with my bedroom door locked...or attach a bell on it maybe so no one can sneak into your room with their container of pee...

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