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sd keeps stealing from me!

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sd11 keeps taking my things and lying about it. her dad does nothing. i am at the end of my rope with this kid.

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with the police.

That should put the accountability where it belongs and fix the problem ...... if it can be fixed.

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To think in your own house this would happen to you!!?
Maybe put a lock on your bedroom door?
I just don't know what to say about this is doing nothing...? That sucks big time!

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Step kids stealing from you, how terrible.

I would call the police but that does not mean you'd get your stuff back.
I guess you can get a home safe, like a small one from costco
and keep your valuables in there and not around the house.

Not a nice way to live but maybe the best solution, to prevent theft than to deal with the aftermath.

also too, you can get a deadbolt for your bedroom and keep valuables in there, there is no reason any stepkids should be going into your bedroom anyway.
When they are around, lock the door... be sure to get a deadbolt so they can't pick it and also lock up any windows too.

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bf is against putting a lock on the door. he likes an open-door policy for the kids.

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I would have a deadbolt put on anyway... you can have open door policy while sd is not there.

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obviously the open-door policy isn't working if sd hasn't learned enough respect to not take someone else's things. your bf is disrespecting you also by ignoring it and refusing to do something about HIS daughter. you need to tell him that it is HIS place to make sure this doesn't continue and that until he does, you are taking the necessary measures to protect your property and the door WILL be locked and if he doesn't allow even that, you need to go. this is a horribly disrespectful situation and i cannot imagine your bf allowing it. don't put up with it.

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This is true, that adults bedroom is a private area and kids should not be allowed to run freely in the adults bedroom.

I am fearful now that husbands daughter will be coming around, she will be stealing too. I have to go through my medicine cabinet and remove everything including my toothbrush as I fear to think what she may do with it.