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i understand why some people take out whole cities from the rooftops of skyscrappers

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future mil is here visiting, and we all (sd11, bd3, bf, myself, and fmil) went to target yesterday to exchange the clothes fmil bought sd cause they were too small. during the outing, sd11 has a very bad attitude, and towards the end begins to cry and tells fmil "i want to do something with you at the house but you say you have no money left to buy me this!" of course fmil caves in because sd11 puts on her biggest entitled skid act. i for one am livid. bd3 is holding a yo gabba gabba toy and fmil asks how much that is but i say "bd3 doesnt need a new toy, she just enjoys looking while we shop".

anyways once we get home and bd3 is in bed, sd11 is still having an attitude. fmil and i want to talk and have a cig and coffee, sd11 is angry. i wont go into too much detail as i dont want to bore anyone, but the night was so horrible.

and today, sd11 tells me that she is going to hurt bd3 one of these days, all because bd3 threw sd11's teddy in the sink. the sink was empty and dry. while bd3 should not take other's belongings, sd11 should not thretan. i sent her to her room for that one.

sd11 is a horrible little bitch and i really wish she would just go away. i cant stand her and her attitude and how she makes my bf all angry and psycho. the black cloud is overhead and has been for almost 5yrs. i think sd11 is a mental case.