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and she's back!!! YAY! >:(

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I KNEW it. I knew when she went back to BM's house last Sunday that it wouldn't last. I would never get my 2 week break after 15 straight days with her here. If you read my last blog BM was already angling for SD17 to just stay here during all this as it was safer for her. That was complete and total BS as SD had been going over to visit her during the time she was here. She just wanted to stick us with her so she could do whatever the F she wants. We've all been staying home and not seeing other people and no one is sick.

Well, 9PM Friday night DH's phone is going off with texts from SD17 that she wants to come back as her and mommy are fighting and "need time apart". You just had 15 F#@&ing days apart! This is the same child who tells my husband " I wish I could bring Mom to college with me because were best friends". I also love how she adds in for guilt " I don't want to ruin your time with (me)". Yes, her presence here makes me extremely uneasy and anxious. Call me evil but the sound of her shrill voice and sight of her face makes me feel sick to my stomach.

So now here I am... stuck with this @$$hole indefinitely while we can't go anywhere. I was supposed to have another week without her and now who knows if she'll ever go back there. She turns 18 in June so DH can't really enforce custody situation and he's never going to force her to go back for fear that she will think he doesn't want her here. He tells me that he'd love for her to be here FULLTIME. That's BS too. I think he says that out of guilt. She's a moody, ungrateful, sourpuss little you know what.

Colleges better be ready for business in the Fall or I might be moving out!!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent Smile Smile


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I agree!! I was honestly OK with sticking to the 2 week on and 2 week off arrangement as we have all been home now for several weeks and shockingly her Mother was holding SD to the quarantine rules. TBH- I can't take having her here full-time. Of course if it wasn't our time when this all happened and she was at her Mother's I'm sure I'd being saying them same thing- stay put! But I'm currently living my nightmare and can't escape. Watching her open the kitchen cabinets and stare blankly at our food makes me want to scream. I'm just waiting for the complaint when we literally have more food than we've ever had in the house. I HATE making dinner when she's here because she will come out of her hole and eat and then disappear back with not so much as a thank you or any compliment. I told DH to stop "fishing for compliments" for me. He's loudly say how great dinner was to me, etc. I don't need her fake @$$ gratitude.
DH just asked her to help him with some yard work outside and she covers her ears and laughs that she can't hear him. And yes- I do blame him for letting her be this lazy useless human being. UGHHHHHH. Just UGH.

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In this case SD is the @$$hole I'm referring to but all 3 have had that designation many times! Smile When it's just me and DH in the house we actually get along great and pretty much never fight. I was really enjoying being home together before SD came back. Now the mood has totally changed for me Sad