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Send Sunscreen, really???

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So my ex husband who is HC sends me an email telling me to send sunscreen for our 11 year old because they are going out of town to a resort for a long weekend.


Wtf, dude buy your own sunscreen. What are you who burns easily and your pale wife planning on doing while at this resort....I think to myself but don't say.


I agreed to meet him half way tomorrow to make his pick up easier ( he is taking xtra time for a long weekend) so i think i am just going to say I forgot. BS is 11 and has sunscreen at his summer camp and I have a big spray can we all use at home. I am not buying him a thing of sunscreen for his house.


Dude is not destitute, his wife does fine...they can afford sunscreen for their house.




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What an idiot. Why even say anything? How is he going to take your son on vacation but need a $3 bottle of sunscreen? Did he ask for an allowance for fun activities, too?

And you KNOW that if/ when you don't send it, you're just mean ol' mom who doesn't care about her son. Eyeroll. Maybe the vampires just plan to sit under an umbrella the whole time..

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He is so cheap. At conferences he told the teacher he didn't do school fundraisers because he pays child support... omg he doesn't pay much so it is crazy.


He also kept sons dress pants I sent with last time for church and then told bs I would be mad. Omg, the are 15.00 pants from target that I send with every weekend.

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If he says anything just laugh or say you spent the money you were going to use for sunscreen for gas money instead-then laugh 

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a bunch of coupons for sunscreen.  I went out and bought industrial strength sunblock for Chef's paler than pale three ferals.  This was before I was disengaged.   They vehemently objected and half the time Chef couldn't be bothered to put it on so they would come back with mild sunburn ( they tended to stay indoors anyway) and the Girhippo would have a fit

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My ex refused to buy dog food for his house in the beginning.  The agreement was for my girls to have their dog with where ever they were but he thought that the dog food for his house should come out of child support he paid me.  Idiot.  Dog and I enjoyed our child free weekends.  When I wouldn't cave he got a new puppy.  What ever dude.  


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He couldn’t afford just dog food, but NOW he can suddenly afford a new dog, vet bills, kennel costs, dog toys, dog bed, leash, collar, and... DOG FOOD???


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Yeah if he asks just say

" omg been so busy what with driving to meet you and packing and such. I completely spaced. To son: so sorry honey make sure you guys get some when there."

Do not buy the sunscreen!

If my dh was taking skids to resort I would make sure he bought the sunscreen. Would not ask BM for it.

Specialty Clothes(boyscout uniforms etc.) and haircuts for the skids however have to be handled by BM per CO.(both skids have everything they need at our house anyway)

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I don't know. An increased risk of skin cancer vs being annoyed by my ex... I'd buy the sunscreen. My child's health wouldn't be worth the petty argument. 

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Why, they expect to use the sunscreen they're certain you will buy!!!

What an arsehole.

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Yep - no sunscreen comes from your house.  Kid isn't going to get skin cancer from dad's ill planned trip.

True story - when the Things were in 4th grade, they needed a protractor for some homework that they had to do at Asshat's house.  I had one at my house from the days when DD27 was in 4th grade, but that particular skill had been introduced that Friday at school and Money-Ka picked them up from school on Fridays, so there was no chance for them to take it with them.

I got a phone call from a crying Thing2 asking if I was going to be home so that he could come and get the protractor.  I said that I was, but it was probably more efficient to just go to the drug store right near their house.  Thing2 said "dad said he won't buy one because he pays child support."

Asshat mothereffer wouldn't spend $1 (literally, they cost a dollar back then) and drove Thing2 to my house to get the damn protractor.  I told Thing2 to just keep it over at Asshat's and I would buy a new one for the house.

Seriously, WTF is it with these idiot, asshat fathers???

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As a person who had had all three types of skin cancer, I would send the sun screen with the child automatically. Yes, it's aggravating that the ex isn't buying it, but if he's asking he might have BS use it. I'd be afraid he'd deliberately not get BS sunscreen, so BS would get burned, and he could blame it on you. 

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I think I would fight fire with fire on this one. He wants to be a demanding and controlling dick? It's ON!! I would take a bottle of sunscreen and individually portion it into about 35 applications. Send a timeline of when each portion should be applied along with a diagram of the boy with arrows pointing to the appropriate areas in need of protection.

If the man can't buy a stinking bottle of sunscreen, obviously he's too stupid to use it without detailed instructions. Call every 1.5 hours to ensure he has followed directions. Muahahahahaha!

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We are meeting him at target so I might run in and get a tiny bottle like what I send with when BS goes to valley fair.

Bs has a good tan...He wears sunscreen regularly, will wear a swim shirt in the pool and a hat if he is outside..

The irony is sm is a LPN and ex has had run poisoning before. It is just cheapness and control.


I should post the email he sent to the 21 other parents on the baseball team bs played on where he tells them what shitty parents they are...That was pure perfection.  He was at 4 or 5 games all season.

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Don't do it! Make him run into Target. No way on earth should you buy any amount of sunscreen for his trip!

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Now he is suggesting we meet somewhere else than what I suggested because the place he has used in the past is super busy and still leaves me who did not move doing most of the driving.

Hubby and I had a bet that he would either use my suggestion for a spot that is trtuly 1/2 way to suggest another spot ( because it is all about control) or use it as a opportunity to be nasty to me as well. When he responded back ok yesterda y,  after I had to follow up because he had not acknowledge my response, I about fell over.


He has said if I did this he would not make me drive the hour or more it will take at rush hour for me to pick bs up during the week.

Wanna bet that changes. Last time he wanted an xtra day to his extra days because he thought he had put tuesda y down too and had not.  He never sticks to the plan when I give a n inch from the decree.

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Hey SweetT, it’s good to see you on the blogs again!

Im sorry it’s for something so trite as sunscreen. Perhaps you can ask HCBD if there is a brand of sunscreen he absolutely DOESN’T want, and then buy that one for SS? Lol

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Thanks, I have been around just not sharing. 

Since he has redirected me from target to some ice arena I am gonna let him know he will need to grab some and suggest bug spray too lol...bugs love bs.

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Omg he rerplied back he already had it since he lives with a nurse who watches for stuff like that. 

She is an LPN  and he loves to use the line I live with a nurse.