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BM is not crazy part 1

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Yes, I stalk my DH ex-wife.  I never did, really… it never crossed my mind.  But after she abandoned her kids, I did… why??? I’m not sure… maybe to see what kind of a woman gives up her kids the way she did.  She has a blog she used to keep from 2006 to about 2014.  She is constantly on twitter posting.  What I find funny is how she is constantly posting about her ex-husband, my DH.  So, I’m going to do a series of blogs about these posts.  Why because I really want to respond to her say you are a liar … and basically if he’s so bad why did you give up the kids to this awful man. 

Her latest comment on line is the following:

I Always wondered how my ex had so many long-term girlfriends after our divorce, given that he rarely was a prt of the kids lives (& didn't make child support priority) In the back of my mind I think I knew it was bc I was painted as "the crazy ex-wife who left for no reason" ...

Let's see how long she waited to start dating after the divorce.  I have gathered this iformation from her many blogs online. 


In July of 2009 she left my DH in TN to go visit her parents in MD.  But while there she let my DH know she is leaving him and moving in with her parents. My DH was left with an entire home with furniture and things to pack up and figure out what to do next.  So that he could be close to his kids he quit his job and moved to MD.  At this point they agreed to a 50/50 custody with the kids.  This was a verbal agreement that was made between them because at this point, they are not divorced yet.

Another comment from the previous:

My ex kept trying to prove that I'd cheated. He saw me tweeting to someone (who was a random twitter guy) & was sure he was my "lover". He found someone with the same name and went to this other random person's home WITH THE KIDS IN THE CAR with him! Fortunetly, he wasn't home. 

But then guess what?  In May of 2010 she moved in with a man she met on Twitter.  Yup moved from MD to AL with the four kids and only 10 months after she left my DH. At this point they are not divorced yet.  Yes, my DH went a little crazy after she left, he didn’t see it coming at all.  DH looks for a job in AL but was unsuccessful in his field.  He moves back to TN, 3 hours away from his children. But let’s remember she is not the crazy BM. 


She claims he was rarely part of the kids’ lives.  Remember he moved from TN to MD back to TN just to be close to the kids. I mean if he didn’t want to be a part of their lives why would he do all that. She has visited the kids once in the last year…. For 9 hours.  Really?? And you think you can talk about DH.  And let’s talk about child support.  Trust me he paid his child support and some.  But guess who hasn’t paid any child support in the last year we have had the kids.  I find it funny.  But remember she is not the crazy ex-wife.





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She sounds like she has pathological lying pathetic excuse for a human being syndrome to me.

All about her image...

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First off. If it helps. AL is a miserable place for the most part. So she's probaly not thrilled with location and your DH lucked out there!

But oh my gosh!!! She jus tloves to paint herself the victim! How ridiculous can someone be???

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Don't try to figure her out. When my DH had 50/50 custody with BM, she applied for a private school behind DH's back, and wrote in the essay that DH had abandoned her and SS and refused to pay any child support, but they were getting by. At that point, she probably made almost twice what DH made and should have been paying HIM child support.

These women are always the victim. How sad that she's still going on and on about how bad a father he is when she herself has abandoned the kids.  I know the fun of stalking, but let this go - for your own sanity.  She will always be a victim and there will always be people who buy her victim BS.

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She is the classical narcissist, and has to rewrite history. I like your She said/What is real posts. Its not funny, but its funny. Like as in you have to laugh because you will cry funny.

Hows this one:

Toxic Troll likes to rewrite history too!

Tells people she has a "stalker ex husband": He caught her texting other dudes while in the bathtub, he kicked her out, and paid her rent, meanwhile she wants to get back, she swore up and down she wasnt online, or cheating or ANYTHING like that. So he made a profile and exchanged texts, and made a "date", and showed up at the door! HAHA. But no, she wasnt cheating or hooking up.

Or better, she texts him during a child support battle :"u r abusive. you hit me."

No she would get drunk and hit him, and pas out. Part of why he kicked her out, in addition to the cheating and lies.

Cant wait to read more!

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In jail for non-payment of Cs.  You can bet your sweet bippy that if this was bio-dad that wasn't paying CS for a whole year he would be in prison by now.

Massive double standards and so much for women's equal rights. ..more like special rights and no responsibilities

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And you can not fix crazy.  It will be very hard to deal with crazy also.  You and DH have some choices to made.  You can not just keep following BM.  She will take you for a ride.  You have to pick where you want to live, make a home and deal wilt visitation the best you can.  Remember DH was the one who made kids with this woman,