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Financial abuse continues

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BM continues to complain about the financial abuse she suffered when she was married to my DH, poor thing, Let’s all boohoo for her.  Her latest comment:

  • Unfortunately, with financial abuse, it doesn’t end so simply when kids are involved. That continued. But I got out and gave the kids a childhood that I hope they always look upon with joy and happiness. And I hope I have shown them a different - more healthy – path

I’m curious to know how the financial abuse continued after they were divorced?  I mean there was a CO for the child support.  How did it continue I wonder?

I find it funny how she says she “gave the kids a childhood that they can look upon with joy and happiness”.  She makes it sound like the kids are grown and can look back at their childhood.  They are 11-18, and my understanding is that they are still in the childhood age.  Maybe not the oldest but she’s 18 going on 12 with how much her mom failed to teach this child how to become a mature adult. 

I really do think that when she packed up her kids and they surprised us with "we're moving in with you"  back in 12/2017 she had no intentions of ever being a “mom” again to her kids.  She has seen them once for 9 hours in the last year.  With no word on when she will see them again.  

My bio kids are adults and out of the house, but I can’t even go 3 months without seeing one of them. I honestly think she was hoping and waiting for my DH would stop traveling for his job and just settle down cause the minute he did… 3 months later the kids moved in with us. 


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She's just looking for pity and for everyone to think she's awesome. I'm prety sure she's even writing that way on purpose. So that people think she struggled her WHOLE life basically with this but fully raised them... Not ditched them the second she was able...

I'm rolling my eyes for you. She sounds like a charmer.

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For this type of person, not letting her spend them into bankruptcy while married is "financial abuse".  Making her pay for anything ordered in the CO after divorce is "financial abuse".  BM here told SS when he was like 13 that DH was "controlling" her by making her follow the CO (that she agreed on).


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Well, if you really read it, she isn't necessarily lying.

She doesn't say who the financial abuse is from, so maybe she means she is financially abusing HERSELF!!

And by giving the kids to you guys, she actually did give them the best childhood, right?